Picture of BuckeyeTC One night while playing COD World at War Der Riese Zombie match, me and the guys were talking about how it takes so long to type up ideas etc on PS3 keypad or controller to send each other messages. Also people always asking us “how do you do that” (Glitches, strategies, etc…) so I decided that since I already had a server for my other websites, I could just add another domain name and serve it there. Great Idea! We could just chat on site and put our links there etc. Then there seemed to be a lot more interest, plus I ran into other people online that have some cool artistic skills as well as great knowledge to share. So the sight is growing fast. I still have some “cosmetics” and theme styles to work out but with the help of you (my friends) we will get this site up to speed to be a kick’n Call of Duty Bunker website! So keep giving your comments and ideas and hopefully this thing will continue to take off and benefit all Call of Duty fans.



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