• January 30th Ghosts Update file (PS4) (Xbox received earlier) When you boot up your PS4 today you should get a notification of “Call of Duty UPDATE FILE” Listed Below are all the details of what has been updated/added/changed in the update. (as pulled from callofduty.com’s website) Ghosts PC Updates (1/28/14) Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates…[Read more]

  • Thumbnail CODBUNKER Clan REFRESH time! Over a period of time, traveling through a few different games, and the headaches/frustration of dealing with ‘something new’ like “CLAN WARS”, there comes a time for a cleansing renewal. Starting off with the horrible launch by Beachhead Studios, the Clan Ops was very painful; however, over time it got better [...]

  • ThumbnailYes, that is right folks, CODBUNKER will undergo a major facelift, bring back it’s youth and vitality! A complete overhaul / re-wiring of the entire site. Please be patient. There will be many changes that you will not notice in the backround, but in the front here is some of what you will see: One will [...]

  • Here is some 2 player gameplay of the Call of Duty Zombies map “Call of the Dead” on Xbox. This will be coming to you PS3 & PC players May 17th. Here is 2:45 hrs of it, to give you a general idea of what to expect. Treyarch seems to have an endless amount of [...]

  • Not quite! The next Call of Duty, due out November 5th will be created by Infinity Ward. Most of us expected it would be the next Modern Warfare, aka MW4. Well it seems they will keep the characters from the Modern Warfare series 1, 2, and 3 (ala “GHOST”) but are dropping the name and [...]

  • To think its already been 2 months miss ya a ton R.I.P chuck good thunder

  • ThumbnailFor those of you that know or are hearing about the passing of our GOOD FRIEND “LowerSioux” here is the latest update that CODBUNKER has fouund out thanks to his GREAT friends back in his hometown, and his Facebook pals as well (Chuck had SO MANY friends, which is no surprise) for the curious, it did [...]

  • Pass the UK MARRA’s condolence’s onto lower’s family please a few of us have played on many occasion with him and he was always a good laugh to play online with and will be sorely missed

    Sleep well old friend

  • ThumbnailSAD, SAD news today January 10th, 2013 I was notified that a good friend that I (and many of the CODBUNKER “CREW”) played Call of Duty with for many years…… Myself for over 5 years now. “Chuck Good Thunder” known as by many of us on the PSN as “LowerSioux” has crossed over from this life [...]

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  • ThumbnailListed below is what you will get with the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 “HARDENED EDITION” Click on image of your console to Pre-order NOW!!! These are limited editions!!! XBOX 360 Hardened Edition $79.99 Playstation 3 Hardened Edition $79.99 What does it come with??? Limited Edition 2-Sided SteelBook® (2) Collectible Challenge Coins Official…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailListed below is what you will get with the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Care Package (aka Prestige Edition) Click on image of your console to Pre-order NOW!!! They are limited editions!!! XBOX 360 CarePackage (Prestige Edition) $179.99 PS3 Care Package (Prestige Edition) $179 BUT WHAT DOES IT COME WITH??? Remote Controlled Quadrotor Drone and…[Read more]

    NUFF SAID!!!!!!!!

    A tweet shown below from the “Mayor” at Treyarch, David Vonderhaar:

    “I’m Mayor Vahn and I approve this message. RT @CallofDuty: There goes the neighborhood. pic.twitter.com/LaXTNfN3″

  • ThumbnailA question I have been asked a lot lately is: “Hey Bunker, have you pre-ordered your Black Ops II yet to lock in the Nuketown 2025?” to which my reply was…..No, I cannot imagine that Treyarch is not coming out with at least a Hardened Edition and maybe a Prestige Edition. Secondly my best bet is [...]

  • plez inv gt Piizza Doee

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  • J,

    “Did him getting his account restored affect you in any way at all?”

    Not me, the community, I thought I explained this, but not well enough for some, but oh well iiwii & tks for noticing how “hot” I look, I appreciate it :P

    And as the vid stated……I’m done….so

  • My final statement: Impartial, IRT: “But hadn’t you said earlier that you had been offered help to return to your level so couldn’t it be said that problem in the matter of unfairness is more with Developers/Community Managers/PR than the people who are offered them.” That is TRUE! TBH, that’s why I was “prying” him [...]

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