2 Weeks Left to Pre-Order COD7 Black Ops!!!

October 26, 2010 in Black Ops

Pre-Order Call of Duty BlackOps now!!! Only two weeks left until it is here. If you click below and order Like I did, then it will arrive at your doorstep the DAY OF RELEASE (shipment is actual the day before, arriving release day) NO STANDING IN LINES!!! Just make sure you don’t select “2nd day” or “next day” but DO SELECT “DAY OF RELEASE” It is so much easier than standing in line, but I’d hurry with 2 weeks left. (Image shows the PS3 version but you can select your platform after clicking image)




3 responses to 2 Weeks Left to Pre-Order COD7 Black Ops!!!

  1. Mine is pre-ordered but arriving at my Local Walmart. I’ll be in line to pick it up at Midnight. They usually have a big hoopla with free giveaways like hats and shirts, and they usually give away a couple of copies of the game.

    Will have a 6 pack of Redbull and play all night long till the fingers bleed…LOL.

  2. Question: if you purchased the Zombie maps from the Playstation store last year for World at War, must you have the hardened edition to play the old Zombie maps (they are already downloaded on my PS3 Hard drive)

  3. I need to pre order i am low on money though lol

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