COD7 Black Ops or Lag Ops?

February 20, 2011 in Black Ops

All of us at one time or another has experienced SEVERE LAG on Call of Duty Black Ops. This was more typical during the early stages of game release, but through Treyarch’s efforts and tweaking, this has gotten much better for most. I still want to discuss what we call “Network Lag” which happens in all online games but seems to still be very prevalent in COD7. I will have to give examples and scenario’s of what this is to help you understand EXACTLY what I’m referring too. Many times when I party with a whole team of “beastly players” (win ratio’s avg’n 2.5 or better, and KDR’s avg’n 1.25 or better) and those I play a lot with; therefore, have somewhat of a strategy, feel for each other’s gameplay…………We are very dominate. Typically we win a TDM match on avg 7500 to less than 4000 (with quite a few enemies lucky to reach 1500). Then sometimes we get into a match and WE get destroyed 7500-4500 or so. Checking the top 3 scorers in the opposition I see their stats are: win ration 0.65 and KDR of 1.01 to 0.85. This could be a fluke so we stay in to redeem ourselves and get beat the next 2-4 games like this. Mathematically this does not make sense! We have all experienced this. You may be a below average player and sometimes just beast on far above avg players and vice versa. So lets explore this. IMHO it is 1 of maybe 3 things going on. And I’m curious if you agree or have another idea what causes this.


1. Network Lag
Network lag is where it takes milliseconds for information to travel across the internet to the “Host” console. If you see that you are shooting somebody first and then get killed, watching the replay shows you never got off a shot!!! This is due to the way that the “Host” console interprets the data it receives. You may start shooting with your console; however, it may take 450ms (0.45 seconds) to reach the Host that you started firing and the enemies console reaches the “Host” in 273ms (0.273 seconds) this may be the issue.

2. Lag Compensation (these are opinions, BTW)
There is software algorithim written into Black Ops (and other online games) that attempts to compensate for the above (1. Network Lag) When game is starting, the “Host” goes out and pings all “Clients” and lets say Client A has a 240ms ping, B has 350ms ping, C has a 155ms Ping, D has a 520ms ping…..etc (you get the idea) Then it assigns a variable to clients A,B,C,D, and “Host” to compensate for these differences. During the Variable assignment, client D may have had a slight issue with their ISP or maybe somebody was streaming Netflix on their computer from client D’s network (like the wife let’s say) then she finishes her movie and client D now has a better connection (let’s say he ping’s at 280ms now). If this variable is not dynamic and constantly checks pings, then client D now has a HUGE advantage. (You get the idea).

3. Equality Algorithm?
This is just a theory I have, yet sometimes it seems as if this is going on. Especially with Treyarch. (I’ve noticed this since World at War). In WaW when My KDR would finally get close to the 1.00 range (I had been beasting peeps up to this point) then all of the sudden, for a while I’d get whipped until it fell down to 0.95 ish, until I could start beasting again. It was like there was a plateau (threshold) that I had to get past. Once I finally crossed 1.05, (Via much hard work) then I easily made it to 1.20 or so until I once again hit a “plateau”. It seems at times in Black Ops this continues. I could not get past a 3.50 win ratio, but finally did, then once I got to a 4.00 win ratio, we/I’ve been getting smashed a lot more by below average players. When my KDR touches 1.40, I get beasted on until I drop to about 1.35 ish. The above items make me think that there is an “Equality Algorithm” written into the game. Let’s say a typical body shot with bullet gets a “hurt” score of 1. Then if player gets to a certain plateau the game may only score it as a 0.8 and give a below average player a score of 1.2 (do you see where I’m going with this?)

I can’t say for sure about point #3, but #1 and #2 do have an impact in your game. As far as point #3 goes it would make a lot of sense to “make the game fun for all” in the sense that if every time I played I never got the chance to “taste” victory, I may quit playing the game altogether; hence, never buy the next one. Then on the other hand, if I constantly destroy people, I may get bored with the game, and not want to play it anymore……….Just saying……..

One final note on this subject: I have noticed after some of Treyarch’s “Tweaks” (That I didn’t notice in the first few months) that NOW whenever I am the “Host” I am lucky to go positive in my KDR, I CAN’T KILL NOTHING………VERY FRUSTRATING. (This points to #2, and BTW I have a 16Meg Download Speed and 2Meg Upload) I back out with the team, and then when the other team hosts, we seem to do as normal……….and BEAST YOU :D

So does ANY of this make sense to YOU? How many of you have experienced any of the above?


2 responses to COD7 Black Ops or Lag Ops?

  1. Nice theory. Im sure alot of other players like me and you have experienced this and its gets really annoying at times

  2. yea it seams that when i get host the others get the advantage on me. I always manage to go positive but its not fun when i get killed when you know you shot first and you end up dying

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