Did BlackOps causes Jimmy Fallon to soil himself?

June 27, 2010 in Black Ops

Treyarch’s Mark Lamia (Studio Head) and Lt. Colonel Hank Kerisey got to show off COD7 Black Ops on Late Nite with Jimmy Fallon on 6/22/2010. It was very cool and funny. The discussion starts by Jimmy asking Mark if Treyarch feels any pressure due to how MW2 was the largest entertainment (not just video games) release EVER at 1.2 BILLION USD once Hank corrected Jimmy’s “Billion dollars” with the “extra small change of 200 Million, LOL. Hank was very funny with his “intimidating” comments, you could tell this dude has “been there”. So then Mark starts to play the game, then hands controller to Jimmy. While duking it out with another Hind (Hind vs Hind) Jimmy in his excitement tells the Lt. Colonel “I’m about to soil myself” in response to Hank’s earlier statement that the audience might do so due to the authenticity of gameplay. The video below does not show the true detail since it was created by video cam of TV (waited for it to show up on Treyarch’s site in HD, hasn’t yet), but the graphics are FREAKING AWESOME!!! I couldn’t believe how realistic it looked, even with the little details of the enemies moving around….it looked SO REAL!!! The explosions…..all I can say is OMG!!! Just listen to the crowds response, especially when the Jimmy blows up a bridge. I have to admit, Hype is Hype, but as I stated before this thing is gonna top ALL games thus far. Its graphics are at least 2x better than MW2…..How can that be done??? Well watch it, enjoy, and share with you COD pals/M8′s


*** THIS VIDEO WAS REMOVED FROM MY YOUTUBE ACCOUNT. I RECIEVED EMAIL STATING THAT IT “may include content that is owned or administered by these entities: * Entity: NBC Universal Content Type: Audiovisual content” ; THEREFORE I REMOVED IT TO MAKE NBC HAPPY :D ***


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