How cool is your Player Card Emblem in COD7?

December 12, 2010 in Black Ops

I typically will scan through the players in the lobby to see what type of “Artwork” they have come up with in using the Custom Player Card Emblem Creator. Granted I have seen a lot that are silly, dumb, ugly, and vulgar; however, I have seen a number that the player has put a lot of time into. A short time ago I ran into a whole clan [HERO] (clan name was for obvious reasons as you will see in picture) so I quickly grabbed my Droid and took a picture of them. They may not have spent “a lot” of time on it but it fit their clan so well and just looked kewl, so I thought I’d share it with you. :) Also I’ve included some of my M8′s pics (Comedy_M_A_R_R_A and Big_M_A_R_R_A), Big Marra has done a fantastic job of “Harry Potter” and Comedy has done one I’ve seen a lot of, “South Park” characters. I am going to have to spend some time on mine now I guess :o But if you have some really kewl ones we’d like to hear about it so I can post more of them!

“HERO” Clan


Big Marra


Comedy Marra


“Late addition” Red Marra



6 responses to How cool is your Player Card Emblem in COD7?

  1. For some reason you cant see the ones on xbox i think they blocked them

  2. big marra’s is a work of art,,,but he refers to it as “harry squattor” lol

  3. you should check out my clan and our emblems the clan is YinZ its a pittsburgh based one and all the emblems revolve around the Steelers.

  4. 1luvpgh,
    How bout you get some pics (try to keep resolution down to no bigger than 500×500) and email them to me, I am sending you an email now so you have the addy……

  5. thanks for adding my mario codbunker,,,there’s bound to be loads popping up now !! ive got a few ideas if anybody fancies having a crack at them,,,popeye,sonic the hedgehog,pikachu(pokemon),,,,,

  6. i love black ops haha

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