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I have finally been able to create at least a Playstation Modern Warfare 3 ELITE CLAN called, what else, “CODBUNKER”. It’s been over a week since launch, but finally the ELITE servers have been playing a little nice. Currently I am going through my “Friends list” on PS3 and sending out invites. But here is the BIG KICKER that you need to know:

The WHOLE CLAN will get 500 Xp for every ELITE Founder who joins us as their first clan.
ALSO: We all get Double C:AN XP for every Elite Founder that joins in the future
Furthermore, we will also unlock a lot of kewl things!

Obviously, my “Friends List” will be first to recieve the invites (especially those that I have played with for years) ;however, if you would like me to send you an invite also, leave a comment below. Here is all that I ask:


I think at a minimum to start, all members should have a POSITIVE KDR and a POSITIVE Win Ratio and maintatin those. There will be some exceptions for those that are close on one, but skewed higher on the other, and some cases where there is closeness on both side……very close. To CODBUNKER, KDR is not AS important as WINNING!!! We like to WIN as a TEAM, at all costs. But establishing just this very basic “bylaw” we will build a STRONG CLAN, and will “Democratically” select other “bylaws” rules, etc. AS A TEAM

Once I get this up and running, providing ELITE servers keep working, LOL, I will also create one for Xbox 360. Lastley, if you don’t wanna join the soon to be COOLEST/GREATEST CLAN in the Call of Duty world, you can join others or create your own. But you have to promise to have FUN :)


33 responses to MW3 ELITE CLAN “CODBUNKER” for PS3

  1. Add : psn : jabroni_beatin

  2. HITMAN-4-HIRE559

  3. Jabroni, Hitman, Sentcha one :)

  4. froggy99

  5. froggy………….SENT! :)

  6. amiller94

  7. PSN ID: KrazyAttack

    I’m Premium and Founder status.

    1.32 K/D.

  8. amiller, KrazyAttack………….SENT!!!

  9. So far peeps I’ve added aren’t showing up, my list shows 4 :-/ hopefully ELITE will get their shizznit working…………we’ll get there ;)

  10. I’m in.

    2,000 clan XP now, definitely need to get more.

  11. Todd (sounds weird, like i’m talking to myself ima Todd also ;) )
    2000xp, datz good; however, there still is quite a few peeps that for some reason aren’t showing :( hopefully this week ELITE will get this worked out!

  12. That wuz weird today, Logged in and CLAN was GONE talked to Elite & Activision folks and it “came back” they said never was gone, but for some reason, I couldn’t see it, u’d think they’d get this stuff working by now

  13. SK83RLEGION099. Add me on PSN, i’d love to join in the Clan, I also have a few other friends who i could get to join, we have a small clan ourselves, but we would love to merge it into this one, it would be sweet!

  14. PSN ID: Redeemer512

  15. SK83RLEGION099, Redeemer512 ………..SENT :)

  16. Sweet clan match? Xbox :)

  17. PaperVerse – PSN

  18. PaperVerse, inite sent ;)

  19. Im in. PSN-MW3B34ST98

  20. plz add me psn: DJ_JAMESTA im 2nd prestige

  21. O and i can get some of my friends that are really good to join too.

  22. psn: xvirus_infInIte
    i’m a trickshotter <3

  23. hey please add me im not the best but im ok im 2nd prestige and im level 50 my Psn: Epic-Red_Neck

  24. oh and i do all the private match stuff like Qs, infected, one in the chamber, gun game, etc. but i try to go online as much as possible.

  25. Psn: x-L3G1TxLEGEND-
    add me plz

  26. PSN : x-L3G1TxLEGEND-
    add me PLLz

  27. I’ve sent out some invites, some say they haven’t got theirs yet, if you have a Positive KDR AND a positive Win Ratio then I’m sure I’ve sent you one, so ask again if not also Elite Founders get special consideration ;)

  28. ADD:Lordbarfoot

  29. Hey add me! I’m a founder 1.73 kd ratio, 148hrs played, win ratio states that its 49% on elite but in barracks it states that its 0.98, anyway its not positive i’m afraid.

  30. psn id – battenberg

  31. Psn id: Zeyloh
    Played against you guys in team defender. Had 50+ kills ;)

  32. PSN – dean-imlay

  33. looking for members for my clan just sende me a message on ps3 to codythebest letting me know if you want to join

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