Practice MW3 & Black Ops to improve your skills

January 29, 2012 in Black Ops, MW3, PS3, Xbox

COD_Scrimmage_MW3 CODBUNKER member “hesgotdaboots” aka “Boots” Thought of an idea while he, Brandon & I were playing MW3 on Xbox about practicing/scrimmaging with your own peeps/clan members etc to make yourself better for online or competition play. So I suggested he create a group (members of site can create groups remember) for that because that would be nice for competition MLG types to play vs and critique each other to improve skills. Well (as you see in link at bottom) Boots did just that :) so if you looking to scrimm vs your peeps or CODBUNKER peeps then send him request for invite to the group.

When we disucssed it, I told him this would be good idea, since I was planning on (in near future) getting CODBUNKER Clan to vs each other to see who the “top beast” are, in order to compete when (IF EVER) ELITE get Clan Operations going as well as possibly taking it further to a MLG team…….Whatcha’ll think?? ;)



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