Sexy Player Card in COD7 Black Ops :)

January 4, 2011 in Black Ops

If your looking for how to make a Hot looking Player Card in Call of Duty Black Ops, then here is a tutorial for you :D Somebody emailed this to me and I was very impressed. Not only is it tasteful, but she is one sexy girl :-P & she has a GUN!!! I’ve shown some pretty kewl player cards. The tute is done very nicely by letsprocras, nice job! She looks real good on my weapons, LOL. Do you have a better one? Let’s us hear from you!


4 responses to Sexy Player Card in COD7 Black Ops :)

  1. Haha, very tasty, might have to make this one for myself

  2. Ha i have seen this ingame today, nice work^^

  3. Nice playercard totorial because of you I’ve got heaps of ideas to make a even better playercard

  4. I got all most same but without a Gun and Carrot in the a** lmao

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