Tactical Nuke in COD7 Black Ops?

January 5, 2011 in Black Ops

This RUMOR seems to have been running rampant across the internet lately…..Let me save you some valuable “Prestige’n Time” There is a video out there there that “LOOKS’ legit, until you get to the end to find out that you have been PUNK’d SO DON’t BOTHER, there is NO such thing in Call of Duty Black Ops. Now get back to playing :D ………..THE VIDEO IS A FAIL!



2 responses to Tactical Nuke in COD7 Black Ops?

  1. I think this was posted by brysi from machinima, the video was shown on firing range. Had a shed load of views but has been disliked by most people who have viewed. Typical machinima director really, just trying to rake in the money.

  2. man i need in a cl

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