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Practice MW3 & Black Ops to improve your skills

January 29, 2012 in Black Ops, MW3, PS3, Xbox

COD_Scrimmage_MW3 CODBUNKER member “hesgotdaboots” aka “Boots” Thought of an idea while he, Brandon & I were playing MW3 on Xbox about practicing/scrimmaging with your own peeps/clan members etc to make yourself better for online or competition play. So I suggested he create a group (members of site can create groups remember) for that because that would be nice for competition MLG types to play vs and critique each other to improve skills. Well (as you see in link at bottom) Boots did just that :) so if you looking to scrimm vs your peeps or CODBUNKER peeps then send him request for invite to the group.

When we disucssed it, I told him this would be good idea, since I was planning on (in near future) getting CODBUNKER Clan to vs each other to see who the “top beast” are, in order to compete when (IF EVER) ELITE get Clan Operations going as well as possibly taking it further to a MLG team…….Whatcha’ll think?? ;)




November 19, 2011 in Black Ops, MW3, PS3


I have finally been able to create at least a Playstation Modern Warfare 3 ELITE CLAN called, what else, “CODBUNKER”. It’s been over a week since launch, but finally the ELITE servers have been playing a little nice. Currently I am going through my “Friends list” on PS3 and sending out invites. But here is the BIG KICKER that you need to know:

The WHOLE CLAN will get 500 Xp for every ELITE Founder who joins us as their first clan.
ALSO: We all get Double C:AN XP for every Elite Founder that joins in the future
Furthermore, we will also unlock a lot of kewl things!

Obviously, my “Friends List” will be first to recieve the invites (especially those that I have played with for years) ;however, if you would like me to send you an invite also, leave a comment below. Here is all that I ask:


I think at a minimum to start, all members should have a POSITIVE KDR and a POSITIVE Win Ratio and maintatin those. There will be some exceptions for those that are close on one, but skewed higher on the other, and some cases where there is closeness on both side……very close. To CODBUNKER, KDR is not AS important as WINNING!!! We like to WIN as a TEAM, at all costs. But establishing just this very basic “bylaw” we will build a STRONG CLAN, and will “Democratically” select other “bylaws” rules, etc. AS A TEAM

Once I get this up and running, providing ELITE servers keep working, LOL, I will also create one for Xbox 360. Lastley, if you don’t wanna join the soon to be COOLEST/GREATEST CLAN in the Call of Duty world, you can join others or create your own. But you have to promise to have FUN :)


COD7 Black Ops Final Grade

November 9, 2011 in Black Ops, NEWS

Black-Ops-GradeWe started giving a final grade with Modern Warfare 2 (COD6) it is now that time for Call of Duty Black Ops (COD7). Treyarch was considered by many COD fans as the “Little Brother” in the COD franchise, where Infinity Ward was the “BIG DOG”. Mostly because of the HUGE success of IW’s Modern Warfare, and MW2, where COD5 World at War by Treyarch was considered “a step back” and it’s sales were less than desired, to say the least. During the development of WaW, Treyarch was working on other games, and COD5 was not it’s ONLY focus (many did not know this) so keep that in mind. Then in 2010 IW had a huge shake up with the departure of many of it’s top talent. This left room for Treyarch to now step up to the plate, adding to that, 3arc was ONLY working on 1 game…….. “Black Ops” To the amazement of many in the gaming world SHATTERED IW’s records. I personally was not surprised.
Quotes from the past by CODBUNKER:

“If you know the COD history, then you know Infinity Ward has been the #1 COD design group and Treyarch has been the “little brother”. We also have seen recently the Studio Heads and other employees at IW bail. So now Treyarch, who has been “stuck” with “old war” type games gets to enter into a new era (the Cold War) where a lot of today’s “Modern Warfare” began. I’m sure Mark Lamia (Studio Head at Treyarch) is aware of this environment and how he is poised to take Treyarch to the #1 spot. What an opportunity! This is one of many reasons Treyarch HAS to be successful with Black Ops, the throne is empty now.”

“I am beginning to think this could be BIGGER than MW2. Analyst are already predicting Black Ops to sell at least 60% of what MW2 did (remember MW2 was the largest Entertainment release EVER….this includes Movie DVD’s). Yet don’t forget we are still 6 months out. This could be EPIC!”

I am putting the “Bad” first, because IMO there is less to read here ;)
Biggest complaint that you hear, and that I have experienced is LAG just as MW2 earned a nicnname “Modern Warfail”, Black Ops was dubbed “Lag Ops” For those of you that have played “Lag Ops” you know what I am saying. Sometimes due to you connection (over the internet) you can be a guy with a KDR of 2.00 and get destroyed by a player with a KDR of 0.72. You unload a clip into this enemy and he turns, shoots you once, you die. You watch the “Kill Cam” and see his take on it, where it shows you looking at him, and not firing at all, where he dumps half a clip into you killing you. This is LAG!!! In the previous COD releases if you were the host, then you had a huge advantage. The way it seemed to work is since you were the host, you would be operating in a more real time setting, where others connected to your console would see 20ms-100ms of delay. I believe that 3arc tried to compensate for this by forcing a delay based on pings to various players from the host. Unfortunately, these ping times vary on the internet with your connection constantly; therefore, it will never be perfect. I feel that 3arc comp’d it TOO much, because 90% of the time when I was host, I couldn’t kill nobody. When I wasn’t host, I did SOOOO much better.

I was not real impressed with the weapons Black Ops gave us. Not the weapons per se, but the FEEL of them. They seemed to have too much bounce, and in a lot of cases sounded “tin-canny” No gun had the feel of a SCAR-H :) that’s what I like, that feel But the BIGGEST beef with weapons is “the 3arc mayor” David Vonderhaar’s CONSTANT “Nerfing” and tinkering with fire rates, power, etc of every weapon, even up to 7+ months into the games release. So you would find a setup that you felt comfortable with, then all of the sudden, it sucked and you didn’t know why…………Thank Vahn! I understand trying to eliminate the effect of WaW’s MP40, which is what everybody used; however, he was obsessed with this! GRRRrrrr!

More bad stuff………….hmmmmm…….I’m thinking………Ok I need your help on this one, can’t really think of any thing else at the moment???

There is really a lot here, so I will be short and sweet, to the point.
- Shattered ALL entertainment release sales records (as I predicted)
- DVR type feature added, so you can relive your awesome kills and even upload them straight to youtube….SAY WHAT!! AWESOME!!
- GUI (Graphical User Interface) was incredible.
- Comparing your stats to friends.
- Create your own ICON, user tag!!! KEWL!!!
- COD points / bucks / money earned besides just XP, you had to manage your weapons/perks/etc purchases.
- Campaign mode was spellbinding (ending kinda weird but kept you hooked)

Zombies, Call of the Dead WILL stand alone as it’s own release, mark my word. This was just to innovative, addicting, and impressive. Watch for it to become it’s own COD title.

There are many more great things to say, and probably a few bad that I have not mentioned, so you are welcome to comment and add your, good, bad, or ugly! Due to the lag, I really wanted something between a B+ and A-, but there isn’t such a thing, so for it’s innovation and record setting achievements, CODBUNKER final grading of Call of Duty Black Ops….. A-