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Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Reveal from Gamescom!

August 20, 2012 in BlackOps2, BO2, MultiPlayer, NEWS

In case you missed it “LIVE” as I did, Call of Duty posted the “Livestream” on youtube (just to be clear….for you slow ones out there, it is no longer live ;) ) I have embedded them here so you can catch all the action that “we” missed and get some insight as to how AWESOME this game is gonna be, IMHO. So check it out and share with others, that may have missed the COD Black Ops II Multiplayer Reveal :)

Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Reveal live from Gamescom Germany Day 1
15:15 – Skip directly to the live stream
18:32 – Treyarch Studio Head Mark Lamia introduces Black Ops 2 Multiplayer
23:16 – Mike “Hastro” Rufail talks eSports and introduces the pro players featured on the live stream
26:10 – Game 1 (Team Deathmatch on Cargo)
20:44 – David Vonderhaar and Mike “Hastro” Rufail go in-depth on the new features in Black Ops 2 Multiplayer
42:34 – Game 2 (Multi-Team Team Death Match on Turbine)
1:03:02 – Game 3 (Hardpoint on Cargo)
1:11:37 – Game 4 (Domination on Aftermath)

Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Reveal live from Gamescom Germany Day 2
16:03 – Skip directly to the live stream
19:42 – David Vonderhaar talks about Multi-Team and the new Multiplayer maps.
23:54 – Game 1 (Multi-Team Team Deathmatch on Aftermath)
32:18 – Game 2 (Multi-Team Team Deathmatch on Cargo)
45:14 – David Vonderhaar answers questions from the community
51:26 – Game 3 (Domination on Yemen)
1:05:06 – Game 4 (Domination on Aftermath)
1:12:50 – David Vonderhaar details the new Create-a-Class system.
1:15:08 – David Vonderhaar takes more fan questions.


Prototype Quadrotor Machine Gun, BlackOps2 ?

April 26, 2012 in Black Ops, BO2, NEWS, Sledgehammer, Treyarch, Zombies

tacitus-black-opsIf you’ve visited lately to see what has changed with regards to the teasers leading up to the Call of Duty May 1st Reveal, you will have noticed that the grainy picture of this “Quadrotor” has been revealed but now also has a youtube link to FPSRUSSIA video shown below. I have to admit now, after seeing this, I am confused. We all have been expecting, especially with the “leaks” that the next COD coming out is Black Ops 2, but is it?? IMHO this thing looks “futuristic” not “Cold War-ish” and something that Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey over at Sledgehammer Games might come up with. So no I have to ask myself is Activision leading us to believe that Treyarch is coming out with Black Ops 2 in November, ONLY to surprise us with a new type of COD (Which is what we thought SHG was doing in the first place). Something futuristic? All things have been pointing to BO2 but is this something you would see in the “Cold War” era that Black Ops “supposedly” is locked into (pre-modern warfare). You should note; however, that this FPSRUSSIA guy, supposedly an employee at “Tacitus” (also a clue on COD website), at time 3:39 of video he states “Zombie Terrorists know how to have a good time”. Hmmmmm is THAT a hint towards Black Ops 2 ZOMBIES??? I tweeted out earlier this week that the COD Franchise has become predictable and it “we all know” BO2 will be released in Nov. I will have to admit, whatever ATVI is up to it has added a bit of intrigue to what is going on now, and we will PAY MORE ATTENTION to the clues at COD’s website.

Final thoughts:
I still believe that BO2 will be the Title released in November, but…..
Could we see a mid/late summer release of a NEW COD by SHG also
Or will this all tie into BO2 & Zombies :D