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Call of Duty SpaceWarfare or FutureWarfare?

January 5, 2011 in Bungie, NEWS

There has been a lot of speculation that Sledghammer Games is going to be doing a “Future/Space Warfare” type game…….NOT, but there will be one coming, at least IMHO ;-) It will be brought to us by Bungie, Creator of Xbox’s very successful “HALO” Franchise. Here is why CODBUNKER believes Bungie will be bring this and NOT SHG.



FROM Q1 Earnings Call 2010

Robert Kotick:

“First, we’re focused on growing our Call of Duty franchise, broadening its reach, using its lead technical innovation in our industry and providing greater entertainment value than ever before to all of our audiences. We have long-term well-fostered plans in place, and we are fully resourced to continue to lead the industry with this important franchise. Obviously, studios like Infinity Ward remain an important part of this process. And we continue to invest in its growth and support the talented developers there who are working hard on the next title. Next, we expect to launch a groundbreaking Call of Duty retail title in 2011, in addition to our expanded digital content strategy for the brand. And finally, we couldn’t be more excited about our new 10-year alliance with Bungie, which is one of our next big things. ”
Full Earnings Call Here.

Also Superannuation. Found the below domain names that were registered by Activision. So most likely ATVI has some type of “Future” Call of Duty in mind…..