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Recruiting Dedicated Clan Members

January 29, 2014 in Clans, Ghosts, MultiPlayer

Over a period of time, traveling through a few different games, and the headaches/frustration of dealing with ‘something new’ like “CLAN WARS”, there comes a time for a cleansing renewal. Starting off with the horrible launch by Beachhead Studios, the Clan Ops was very painful; however, over time it got better and CODBUNKER rose to the top of the ranks in Modern Warfare 3. Then came Black Ops II and many member didn’t participate as they did in MW3, as some did not even purchase the game, so we only rose to level 27. Now that GHOSTS is here, CODBUNKER noted that 65% of the “Old Clan” did not even play the game (we had 100 members at peak, but at GHOSTS launch down to 92 ish) So We (myself and LT Commanders) went thru roster and deleted the ‘stale’ members reducing our size to somewhere between 20-30 (hard to tell as the APP from Beachhead Studios, once again is lacking)

So now we are recruiting ONLY members that have the below “qualifications”
~ Play a minimum of 8 hrs per week
~ Can dedicate at least 3 hrs of that time during a Clan Op.
~ Have a POSITIVE K/D or at least something close, where a team can lift them up to it.
~ Have a POSITIVE W/L or at least something close, where a team can lift them up to it.

NOTE: Positive = 1.00 or above, exceptions will be case by case, it is helpful if you have a 1.40 K/D and a 0.80 W/L or vice versa, this typically indicates a “good player” that tries to win.

~ Mature, (this will be TEAM play, if you are not a team player, don’t apply)

Most of our members play PS3 or PS4 but some are Xbox.
What we would like to do is grow back to 100 of gamers that play a lot.
We know that not all can play al the time and life happenings get in the way.
Those things come first; however, with 100 members, there should be no reason
we cannot field 2 Six man teams on PS4, 2 Six man teams or even a Six man team
on the Xbox. So it is feasible to have 24 clan members working together at the
SAME time to capture many points on the CLAN WAR maps! So if this interests you:
Download the App, or use feature in Barracks on the game and Apply to CODBUNKER.



CODBUNKER Major Overhaul

December 24, 2013 in Clans, Ghosts, MultiPlayer, NEWS, PS3, Xbox

Yes, that is right folks, CODBUNKER will undergo a major facelift, bring back it’s youth and vitality! A complete overhaul / re-wiring of the entire site. Please be patient.

There will be many changes that you will not notice in the backround, but in the front here is some of what you will see:
One will be the deletion of the forums (peeps asked for them, then did not use them…….. so they are gone)
Site will become more “CLAN” oriented to keep the CODBUNKER clan more informed of Clan operations and objectives.
There will still be news and Call of Duty Happenings posted, videos, etc…..
There will also be a more “Showcasing” of our Clan Members (ONLY our Clan) of videos, etc….. strut their stuff.
So once again, be patient, we will BRB =)

Call of Duty Clan Website Rework