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Call of the Dead Zombies Easter Egg with Old Pals

May 20, 2011 in Black Ops, Co-Op, Glitch, How to, Zombies

How do you do the Call of the Dead Zombies Stand-In Achievement / Wunderwaffe DG-2 Easter Egg/Glitch from Call of Duty Black Ops that involve the Original Zombie Characters Richtofen, Takeo, Nikolai, Dempsey stuck behind the door inside of lighthouse??? Quick Printable Walkthru Guide below; however, refer to SgtStoneDog’s video (SUB him BTW ;) ) to see HOW it happens and WHICH order some items are in :)

1. Knife door in lighthouse
2. Get fuse from upstairs (look around places move)
3. Place fuse into fuse holder (Right side of door)
4. Blow up 4 generators (nades/semtex/crossbow will do it)
5. Get vodka bottle, then give it to them via “airtube” (left side of door)
6. Set Dials in lighthouse to:

a. Turn PURPLE to 6
b. Turn ORANGE until BLUE=4
c. Turn YELLOW until ORANGE=7 (Now the Bottom 3 #’s are Correct)
d. NOW Turn Yellow again until it=2 BUT COUNT HOW MANY TIMES YOU TURN IT!!!
e. Turn PURPLE the same # of times you Turned YELLOW (Step d.)
f. Turn Blue until it=4
g. NOW ALL #’s should be correct (If not repeat, cuz u messed up :P )

7. Turn on the 4 Radios in proper order
(When done correctly, you’ll hear morse code beeping and see a light blinking to the left of ship as looking out from lighthouse)

8. In power room set Left Lever 1 click, set Right Lever 3 clicks, turn ship’s wheel 2x to the right
(When done correctly you will now see “blinking light” become solid light and you’ll hear a horn)

9. Turn on all “Fog Horns” in proper order.
(When done correctly, you’ll see green light going down center of lighthouse)

NOTE: (BEFORE STEP 10 It REALLY helps if you have more than one crawler zombie, because after you complete step 10, if he was the last one, then new round will start and you have to wait on key, then put it in tube, then wait on Wunderwaffe, TAKES A LOT OF TIME….Do yourself a favor, have backup crawlers)

10. Shoot zombie with VR-11 to turn him into a human.

11. Human will run into green light, and keep shooting him until he turns upside down, floating (he’s dead now) and once he reaches the top the “key” will drop down to bottom, hit x to grab it.

12. Place key into air tube
13. Strike fuse with knife
14. Grab Wunderwaffe, achievement COMPLETE :)

Wunderwaffe only lasts until you run out of ammo, AND you cannot select any other weapons while you have it, AND you cannot revive anybody while you have it… use it wisely :D


Ray Gun in Little Resistance!

November 1, 2009 in Co-Op, Solo

This is so cool, It’s not my video but I found it surfing around. You have to check it out. I haven’t tried it yet, but will as soon as I’m done with this post! It has a ray gun in Little Resistance CO-OP/SOLO mode of Call of Duty World at War!
Here is the VID: