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Pre-Order Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition NOW!

September 7, 2011 in COD8, MW3

Pre-order your MW3 Hardened Edition Now and get it AT YOUR DOORSTEP on the DAY OF RELEASE……….No waiting in lines :) This is how I’ve done it for the last two games, MW2 and Black Ops.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition box will consist of:

Modern Warfare 3 game with unique disc art. 1 year of Call of Duty Elite Premium Membership, which includes all future Call of Duty MW3 downloadable content (including map packs and game modes). Special Founder status in Call of Duty Elite. Also includes a special in-game emblem, playercard, weapon camo, clan XP boost, and more exclusive benefits. An exclusive Special Ops Juggernaut Xbox Live avatar outfit. Limited Edition, 100-page collectible field journal chronicling the entire saga with authentic military sketches, diagrams, and written entries all of which is enclosed in a collectible steelbook case.


MW3 Perk list (Not confirmed) but looks legit.

August 18, 2011 in COD8, MW3, NEWS

Here is the “supposed” perk list for Modern Warfare 3. Apparently a video was leaked but has since been removed from youtube per Activisions request; however, it was up long enough to get a take on the perks that will be available in MW3. Now remember……..This has yet to be officially confirmed! So don’t take it as “Gospel” just yet ;)


Perk Slots:

- Extreme Conditioning: (Like Lightweight) Sprint longer , Pro: Climb/Jump quicker?
- Sleight of Hand: (like old) Reloads Quicker, Pro: Swap weapons quicker?
- Scavenger: Just like Black Ops Resupply/start with more ammo?
- Blind Eye: Like Ghost Pro, Pro: Lock on enemy aircraft quicker & causes extra damage?
- Recon: Explosive damage is shown on radar map, Pro: Bullet damage shown on radar map?

- Assassin: Invicible to UAV, radar, and heartbeat sensors, Pro: (Not affected by Counter-UAV & EMP?
- Blast Shield: Less damage from explosives, Pro: Immune to stun and flash grenades?
- Hardline: Like the old version, Pro: Two assists = 1 kill?
- Overkill: Same as old, equip two primary guns, Pro: 2nd primary can be equipped with multiple attachments?
- Quickdraw: Aim down sights quickly, Pro: Recover from tossing flash or grenade quicker?

- Dead Silence: Makes you silent (like Ninja), Pro: No damage from falling?
- Marksman: Identifies your target from ranger, Pro: Hold your breath longer?
- Stalker: Mover Quickly while aiming, Pro: Claymores are delayed?
- Steady Aim: Hhip fire accuracy (like old), Pro: Quicker aiming down sight?
- SitRep – Like old (See Claymores, etc), Pro: Enemy footsteps are louder?


Call of Duty MW3 World Premiere

May 27, 2011 in COD8, MW3, NEWS

MW3-logoCall of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will be released November 8, 2011. (11/8/11). The World Premiere Video is at the bottom, and here is what we know so far:
There hasn’t been any “official” discussion of the Multiplayer aspect……yet (we will let you know when it does). So we will focus on what has been “official”…….SPEC OPS. SpecOps has been “tuned” up to have it’s own ranking system, online matchmaking system and leaderboards for both CO-OP and Single Player modes. Also included is the ability to play SpecOps on the Multiplayer maps in what is called “Survival Mode”
Further intel shows that there will be DOGS in MW3 (at least in Spec Ops, remember, that’s all that’s been official so far S.O.) but there is a twist, some dogs can be “suicide” dogs and BLOW UP!!! This is also the case for some enemies…….”Suicide Bombers” :) And………Yes the dreaded Juggernauts return as well…DAMN, I hated those things. So there you have it, some details on the Spec Ops mode of Modern Warfare 3, which is one of 3 modes this IW/Sledgehammer game will run. The other two are Campaign, and Multiplayer.

Here are also some notable tweets from Robert Bowling (IW Community Manager)

“We haven’t talked about MP details yet, so anything you may have read is just speculation. #MW3″

“Yes sir, Spec Ops will have its own progressive ranking system allowing you to unlock weapons, gear, killstreaks #MW3 #survival”

“Yes sir. Endless rounds with increasingly more difficult enemies with increasingly more challenging tactics and unlockables. #MW3″

“Spec Ops has a bit of everything, from very tactical objective based missions to the insanity of survival mode. #MW3″