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COD Black Ops 2 Trophy Rumors and more

July 30, 2012 in BlackOps2, COD9, ELITE, NEWS, Zombies

Well if you haven’t heard by now, there was an “alleged” leak of intel on what achievements/trophies will be on Call of Duty Black Op II.

Here is the “List” of “Leaked” Black Ops 2 Achievements / Trophies

Out of Africa – Complete Angola (20g)
Rained Out – Complete Monsoon (20g)
Afghan Rodeo – Complete Afghanistan (20g)
It’s Not Personal – Complete Nicaragua (20g)
Waterlogged – Complete Pakistan (20g)
What Happens in Colossus… – Complete Karma (20g)
Bushwhacked – Complete Panama (20g)
Deep Cover – Complete Yemen (20g)
Just Gettin’ Started – Complete 1 challenge in any level (10g)
Full Ballot – Complete all challenges in a level (10g)
Giant Accomplishment – Complete all challenges in game (50g)
Futurist – Complete future levels in veteran (50g)
Old Fashioned – Complete Angola, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Panama in veteran (50g)
Too Big to Fail – Complete Haiti (50g)
Carmageddon – Complete LA (20g)
Pleasure Cruise – Complete command ctr (control?) (20g)
Singapore Sling – Success in Dockside (15g)
Desert Storm – Success in Afghanistan (15g)
Defender – Success in Drone (15g)
Smooth Sailing – Success in Carrier (15g)
Art of War – Success in Pakistan (25g)
Blind Date – Success in Socotra (15g)
Family Reunion – Story: Alex Mason lives again (10g)
Hey Good Looking – Story: Harper face good (10g)
Back to Future – Use a future weapon in the past (10g)
High IQ – Collect all Intel (20g)
Good Karma – Story: Chloe hacks Terminal USS Obama (20g)
Ultimate Sacrifice – Harper survives Yemen (15g)
Dead or Alive – Story: Mason kills or captures Menendez at the end of the game (15g)
Ship Shape – Story: USS Obama survives (10g)
Dirty Business – Story: Link CIA involvement and Krav interrogation (15g)
Mad Men – Story: Farid and Defalco duel (15g)
The 99 Percent – Stop the brutality inflicted by PDF (15g)
Gun Nut – Play a level with customized loadout (10g)
No Score Left Behind – Min score 10k in every level (15g)
Miscellaneous 1
Miscellaneous 2
Miscellaneous 3
Miscellaneous 4
Miscellaneous 5
I Don’t Think They Exist – In Transit, kill a Screecher (10g)
You Have No Power Over Me – In Transit, defeat the Avogadro without being attacked by it (15g)
Standard Equipment May Vary – In Transit, acquire 4 different equippable items in 1 game (15g)
Dance On My Grave – In Transit, acquire your Tombstone (10g)
Undead Man’s Party Bus – In Transit, complete all additions to the bus in 1 game (15g)
The Lights Of Their Eyes – In Transit, pacify at least 10 zombies with 1 EMP (10g)
Don’t Fire Until You See – In Transit, have all doors opened without being set on fire (25g)
Green Run Sidequest – Complete the Green Run sidequest (75g)
Fuel Efficient – In Transit, use an alternative mode of transportation (10g)
Happy Hour – In Transit, buy 2 different perks before turning on the power (15g)

Also there are rumors circulating (some old and some new) here are just a few to tease you with….
( Are you getting excited yet ;) )

An Older one that you should’ve heard of by now, is that COD BLOPS2 will have a “Game ending Nuke” IMHO, I believe it will be more like the current MW3 MOAB, but REMEMBER, these are rumors and some of it just my opinion……DO NOT TAKE THIS AS GOSPEL!

There is also rumors that “some” have “confirmed” (meh….) That there will be THREE versions of BlackOps2 (Regular, Hardened, and Prestige) But I also have been stating I’d be surprised if they don’t at the VERY LEAST have a Hardened. Both editions are said to come with ELITE, and once again IMHO I’ll betcha the Prestige Ed. will include the “Pre-Order free Map” of NukeTown 2025….(My best guess), we’ll keep you updated as things start to become more “concrete” ;)


Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Coming in 2012???

February 9, 2012 in Black Ops, COD9, Infinity Ward, NEWS, Sledgehammer, Zombies

There WILL BE a Call of Duty game release this year (2012) which to many is NO surprise ;) But the question is what will it be. Activision is a Publicly owned Company (traded on the NASDAQ as ATVI) so it goes without saying, they have to make money to please the shareholders. (SO OF COURSE THERE’S GONNA BE ONE IN 2012 BOBBY!!!) See part of Earnings statement with link to full version at bottom!

Let’s do a little logic and timeline shall we:
2009 MW2 release shattered all previous records (ATVI makes lots of $$$)
2010 Black Ops release shattered all previous records (ATVI makes lots of $$$)
2011 MW3 release shattered all previous records (ATVI makes lots of $$$)

No in between these timelines we note that Infinity Ward (Modern Warfare Peeps) had lots of “drama”
Sledgehammer Games came along and was invited to the party to create another type of COD.
Then when ATVI realized IW needed help for MW3, SH Games was enlisted to help them (pausing their production)
SOOOOOoooooo Does ATVI go with SH Games Release for 2012 or the “Almost Guaranteed” $$$ maker Black Ops 2.


We are still not sure what type of game SHG is working on, but If I was going to put money down in “Vegas” Here is how I would say it plays out (at least near term)

SHG’s game will be mid year release in 2012 or 2013, but not THE MAJOR release since MW and BLOPS are guaranteed money. So I’m suggesting that this year (Nov 6, 2012) COD Black Ops II will be released. I’m not so sure that it will have Zombies though. I think since “Call of the Dead” (which I think will be a new series) was so successful it will stand on it’s own…..possibly, and may be just like my suggestion of SHG’s and be a Mid type year release. So what are you thoughts?
What is coming out this year?
Will SHG have it’s own MAJOR?
Will Call of Dead become it’s OWN title?
Your thoughts…………….

Kotick added, “Our extraordinary employees around the world are focused on making 2012 another great year for our audience and stakeholders. Blizzard Entertainment plans to have multiple highly-anticipated titles to release, including Diablo® III, and Activision Publishing expects to release a new Call of Duty game. In addition, Activision Publishing expects to continue to grow Call of Duty Elite and launch Skylanders Giants™.”

ATVI 2011 Year end Earnings


Is Infinity Ward making COD8 or is it a RUMOR?

January 21, 2011 in COD8, COD9, NEWS

There seems to be a lot of chatter on other websites, twitter, and other social media about:
What is Infinity Ward making? A Modern Warfare 3 that is a prequel to MW and MW2? Will it be released in November of 2011.

Rumors are now saying (citing a L.A. Times article) that this is what is going to happen “based on a source close to the project”:

That due to the mass exodus at IW along with West and Zampella, that they need help to complete MW3, their prequel to Modern Warfare’s 1&2. Activision stepped in and allegedly ordered Sledgehammer games to stop production on their COD title and also enlisted Raven Software to assist (especially for the online portion). So basically the rumor is that IW, SHG, and RS are ALL working together to complete MW3 by November.

No studio or Activision has released anything that gives truth to this rumor. But don’t discount the rumors either, because there may in fact be some truth to it. So do your homework, you can read plenty about this rumor by searching the internet, but remember……this is a RUMOR!

NOW…….CODBUNKERS TAKE (based on below info):

Who is making COD8. and Who is making COD9.

“The company is also for the first time announcing that a new game in the Call of Duty series is expected to be released in 2011 and that Sledgehammer Games, a newly formed, wholly owned studio, is in development on a Call of Duty game that will extend the franchise into the action-adventure genre. Sledgehammer is helmed by industry veterans Glen A. Schofield and Michael Condrey. Prior to joining Activision Publishing, Schofield was the Executive Producer of the award-winning game, Dead Space and Michael Condrey was the Sr. Development Director on the game. The Dead Space franchise has won more than 80 industry awards worldwide including the prestigious A.I.A.S. Action Game of the Year and two B.A.F.T.A.S. ”

So IMHO, I don’t think that Schofield & Condrey left EA and started SHG just to help out another studio and NOT do their OWN COD FPS. I think that COD8 will be made by Sledgehammer! Not totally sure what IW is doing but would guess COD9. Hell there may even be a mid year release in 2011 or 2012 by one of the BIG three, its really hard to be sure. It sure is fun speculating what these Studios are up to, but until you see the press release it is not official and its just a rumor…………….I’m just saying :)

What do you think?