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MW3 Hacker or “Special Privileges”? You decide!

August 20, 2012 in ELITE, Infinity Ward, MW3, NEWS, Sledgehammer, Xbox

There is a way to go from a BRAND NEW Call of Duty MW3 account on Xbox and become 10th prestige the same evening!!!
This little story below will show that it is possible and you can decide how it was possible.
A. Jon Hacked it, or had somebody Hack it for him ( I don’t think this is the case; however, IMHO )
B. Jon is a “Privileged” Gamer that got a “Hook Up” from some employee of IW, BeachHead, or Activision, of which they just “gave” him 10th prestige or he asked for it and got it.

I personally think it was “B” in which case Jon in his infinite wisdom just threw some employee at one of the 3 I listed above under a bus…Scratch that…let’s make that a TANK!
But in order to fully understand this particular situation, you must understand a short “story” of what happened to poor Jon (Champion of reporting cheaters, and bashing Youtubers that think they are “Privileged” or have gotten big heads…..check his twitter feeds, you’ll see)

This story starts with a good Mate of mine (a UK buddy) suggesting I follow Noob Jon, which I did, and he seemed like a good “follow” on twitter, tweeted a lot about COD….. But soon after Jon’s Xbox gets “Wrongfully Banned” (his words) until the year 9999…..That’s a LONG TIME! ;) He then commenced to trashing Microsoft & Xbox about how he was wronged and this went ON & ON & ON, I almost deleted him then, because it was making me nauseous, because IMHO he WAS BANNED for good reason, he broke a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), I remember the post well, he posted a picture of the BETA Dashboard of XboxLive then later deleted it. Below is some of this info, but not all (don’t want to bore you too much, LOL)

“Twitter Profile”
Forum Admin for @charlieintel – Clan 2 leader @eliteintelclan2 & YouTuber.
My opinions are my own and not of @charlieintel. 13-11-12 #JonArmy
The cake is a lie ·

Jon ‏@LtgMcNoob

Be jelly :D


4:33 PM – 26 Jul 12 via Tweetbot for iOS

Chad ‏@irbChad
@LtgMcNoob how’d you get it? Get the email or what?

MrHawkeye1996 MrHawkeye1996 ‏@MrHawkeye1996
@LtgMcNoob -.-, send more screenshot’s when done please, show me around lol.

Trevor Robertson Trevor Robertson ‏@TFRobertson13
@LtgMcNoob where did you get the code from i applied for the beta

Misconfigured Misconfigured ‏@Misconfigured
@LtgMcNoob its out ? I have to wait till 2moz if it is :(

(NOTE this one was deleted: )

Fortunately our hero of “fairness” goes on a quest to get others banned also….just to be fair I guess

Jon ‏@LtgMcNoob
the Xbox Live Enforcement team really don’t like to be proven wrong do they lmao
3:47 PM – 29 Jul 12 via Tweetbot for Mac

Jon ‏@LtgMcNoob
@XboxSupport Explain to me.. how does someone get wrongfully banned for using the Dash beta. but someone that breaks NDA has jack all done ?

Jon ‏@LtgMcNoob
Ah i see why he is not banned.. he has a YouTube partnership.. that explains it

Jon ‏@LtgMcNoob
HAHAHAHAHAHA told you he would get banned “Verhaltensregeln” is “Code of Conduct” btw
16 Aug Jon Jon ‏@LtgMcNoob

So finally Jon decided to keep gaming, so he went out an purchased another Xbox and will create a new GamerTag:

Jon ‏@LtgMcNoob
This thursday I will have a new xbox. New Gamertag. 1 year gold and 1 year of Elite to boot :D I’m back soldiers
1:20 PM – 13 Aug 12 via Tweetbot for Mac ·

And I now have CODElite for 1 year :D all set.
16 Aug Jon Jon ‏@LtgMcNoob

I now have Xbox Live gold. now to get CODElite =)
16 Aug

Jon ‏@LtgMcNoob
Once MW3 is installed I will do some MP i think

Jon ‏@LtgMcNoob
playing #MW3 with some friends :)


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12:07 PM – 16 Aug 12 via Camera on iOS

NOTE He is INSTANTLY Prestige level 10!!!

I totally missed this one, but within the next few days, he tweeted out to BeachHead a question and show this picture:


This is when I asked him how he got to 10th prestige in with less than 6 hours played (I looked up his profile on Elite….6hrs)
His reply was he did not hack and show me proof, LOL he compared his BANNED GT next to his new (Which is identical in stats give or take a few games played, LOL)


I have a good source (Via Activision) that You CANNOT (at least you and I can’t) transfer stats from one ELITE account onto a newly created account. I pursued this further with Jon, to find out how he got this “special” treatment or Hack. (Curious reporting ;) ) And the only response I got was that “I didn’t hack or cheat, and I didn’t ASK for nothing, then was basically told to STFU and then was blocked from his twitter account. So what do you think, did he hack this, or is this the classic, It’s all about “who you know” I don’t even think Dan Amrich (OneOfSwords) could get bumped to 10th prestige (I actually don’t think HE would allow it either) At any rate, I thought I’d share this with you, as I know Jon being the “Fair” fellow that he is would want you to know exactly where fair starts and ends…………with himself. This is MY OPINION! What say you???


COD Black Ops 2 Trophy Rumors and more

July 30, 2012 in BlackOps2, COD9, ELITE, NEWS, Zombies

Well if you haven’t heard by now, there was an “alleged” leak of intel on what achievements/trophies will be on Call of Duty Black Op II.

Here is the “List” of “Leaked” Black Ops 2 Achievements / Trophies

Out of Africa – Complete Angola (20g)
Rained Out – Complete Monsoon (20g)
Afghan Rodeo – Complete Afghanistan (20g)
It’s Not Personal – Complete Nicaragua (20g)
Waterlogged – Complete Pakistan (20g)
What Happens in Colossus… – Complete Karma (20g)
Bushwhacked – Complete Panama (20g)
Deep Cover – Complete Yemen (20g)
Just Gettin’ Started – Complete 1 challenge in any level (10g)
Full Ballot – Complete all challenges in a level (10g)
Giant Accomplishment – Complete all challenges in game (50g)
Futurist – Complete future levels in veteran (50g)
Old Fashioned – Complete Angola, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Panama in veteran (50g)
Too Big to Fail – Complete Haiti (50g)
Carmageddon – Complete LA (20g)
Pleasure Cruise – Complete command ctr (control?) (20g)
Singapore Sling – Success in Dockside (15g)
Desert Storm – Success in Afghanistan (15g)
Defender – Success in Drone (15g)
Smooth Sailing – Success in Carrier (15g)
Art of War – Success in Pakistan (25g)
Blind Date – Success in Socotra (15g)
Family Reunion – Story: Alex Mason lives again (10g)
Hey Good Looking – Story: Harper face good (10g)
Back to Future – Use a future weapon in the past (10g)
High IQ – Collect all Intel (20g)
Good Karma – Story: Chloe hacks Terminal USS Obama (20g)
Ultimate Sacrifice – Harper survives Yemen (15g)
Dead or Alive – Story: Mason kills or captures Menendez at the end of the game (15g)
Ship Shape – Story: USS Obama survives (10g)
Dirty Business – Story: Link CIA involvement and Krav interrogation (15g)
Mad Men – Story: Farid and Defalco duel (15g)
The 99 Percent – Stop the brutality inflicted by PDF (15g)
Gun Nut – Play a level with customized loadout (10g)
No Score Left Behind – Min score 10k in every level (15g)
Miscellaneous 1
Miscellaneous 2
Miscellaneous 3
Miscellaneous 4
Miscellaneous 5
I Don’t Think They Exist – In Transit, kill a Screecher (10g)
You Have No Power Over Me – In Transit, defeat the Avogadro without being attacked by it (15g)
Standard Equipment May Vary – In Transit, acquire 4 different equippable items in 1 game (15g)
Dance On My Grave – In Transit, acquire your Tombstone (10g)
Undead Man’s Party Bus – In Transit, complete all additions to the bus in 1 game (15g)
The Lights Of Their Eyes – In Transit, pacify at least 10 zombies with 1 EMP (10g)
Don’t Fire Until You See – In Transit, have all doors opened without being set on fire (25g)
Green Run Sidequest – Complete the Green Run sidequest (75g)
Fuel Efficient – In Transit, use an alternative mode of transportation (10g)
Happy Hour – In Transit, buy 2 different perks before turning on the power (15g)

Also there are rumors circulating (some old and some new) here are just a few to tease you with….
( Are you getting excited yet ;) )

An Older one that you should’ve heard of by now, is that COD BLOPS2 will have a “Game ending Nuke” IMHO, I believe it will be more like the current MW3 MOAB, but REMEMBER, these are rumors and some of it just my opinion……DO NOT TAKE THIS AS GOSPEL!

There is also rumors that “some” have “confirmed” (meh….) That there will be THREE versions of BlackOps2 (Regular, Hardened, and Prestige) But I also have been stating I’d be surprised if they don’t at the VERY LEAST have a Hardened. Both editions are said to come with ELITE, and once again IMHO I’ll betcha the Prestige Ed. will include the “Pre-Order free Map” of NukeTown 2025….(My best guess), we’ll keep you updated as things start to become more “concrete” ;)


COD MW3 Blackout on 4-20

April 20, 2012 in Black Ops, ELITE, Infinity Ward, MultiPlayer, MW3, NEWS, Sledgehammer

There has been a trickle of Modern Warfare 3 #Blackout hash tags on twitter and peeps discussing on FB. The “trickle” has been large enough to get noticed though. There is also a small “WhiteOut” movement (the antithesis of blackout movement) So TODAY is the day of the Blackout. I could not help but notice the IRONY of having the “BlackOut” on 420 (April 20th is Nat’l Pot Smoking Day). To make matters worse, Infinity Ward / SHG have announced DoubleXP across all platforms to celebrate the PS3′s DLC drop. So here’s what’s gonna happen (IMHO). Some blackout ‘ers will not have the willpower to pass up double xp; therefore, they will be playing. The 420 peeps are gonna get celebrate the blackout by getting stoned, only to later forget about blackout and that they were “mad” at IW/SHG and log on to play and give non-420 ‘ers like my self DOUBLEXP :P (slow reaction time, LOL) Then there is the rest of us (the majority). We are gonna play regardless because it’s not JUST the game, but “hanging” with our pals & clanmates that is part of the fun in the game. Don’t disregard that “we” (those of us playing) are not irritated at many aspects of MW3 that CERTAINLY need improving, not to mention BeachHead Studios “ELITE” that has been a TOTAL wreck. But IMHO, a “blackout” is not going to solve this. If you are THAT unhappy with the game/franchise, DO NOT PURCHASE IT this November (when BlackOps2 is sure to come out), if it’s just IW/SHG’s Modern Warfare series, DON’T PURCHASE THE NEXT MW RELEASE! This is what get’s Activisions attention………MONEY, not a blackout. I personally feel the franchise has been hurt somewhat by the lack of leadership and DISCONNECT, but I also feel that come NOVEMBER, Mark Lamia will surprise all of us and take the “franchise” into his capable hands with Treyarch and turn UP the COD fever a notch………This is my opinion, but just REMEMBER that I said here and now (BTW, I already told you above I’m not a partaker of 420, so don’t say I’m “smoking” anything :P ) Anyways, who’s gonna join me and get some DubXP :) “It’ll make you feel good………..go ahead and try it……” (I couldn’t resist!)

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