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Gamebattles Disputes, are they fair?

July 14, 2012 in GameBattles

For the first time Team CODBUNKER had a Match dispute from a Gamebattles match. There have been many matches that we possibly “could’ve” disputed due to opponents “skype’n” but we just took the losses anyways. WHY? Because since we just started this GB adventure our FOCUS is on competition and to be the best; therefore, instead of “PUB” matches and tons of “SCRIMS” we felt it was best to feel the REAL competition by just jumping in and competing (as our Spring season shows at 1-22). But IMHO you play VERY different when there is something on the line, and it is a REAL competition, not PUB or SCRIM. This is how we want to become good……..COMPETE (We knew we would take our licks, but we also are learning VERY fast)

Now back to the dispute. We played a GB variant SnD match vs “swahhhhh”. I sent friend request to the leader, we waited 12 minutes, (you have 15 till a forfeit) then finally another swahhhhh member sent friend request, which I had to ask for an invite to match. I got there and none had mic’s on I tried to communicate to them that my team could not join and could we go to a Free for All (this is normal with conx sometimes) We all got in, and then swahhhhh did not ask or text if we were ready and started the match, they did not even ask if we wanted Top or Bottom Team (Non host team gets to pick) I texted about the mic, got a smart ass remark, and realized this team was nothing but trash, so decided to back out and just dispute it. Then as you’ll see in video’s below they admit to talking on the phone to each other and using Skype. These are CLEARLY against the rules. Listed below is the link to the GB rules, as well as cut and paste of the violations……violations of CHEATING which GB states:
“We have a zero tolerance policy for cheating. Teams caught cheating, “glitching”, or abusing in-game mechanics in any way will be removed from GameBattles.”

Somehow, we lost the dispute by this response:
Sat Jul 14, 2012 at 4:15 am
– This is an automated response — Your ticket has been closed and your dispute resolved as we have confirmed the appropriate winner of this match. Thank you for using GameBattles.”

This team CLEARLY was CHEATING and GB has a “Zero Tolerance” for that!
swahhhhh should be “removed from GameBattles.” Not CODBUNKER with a loss.
Please watch video and share this post in order to help right a wrong.
TKS for your support………..
It’s not about the loss, it’s about the PRINCIPLE of the Rules and sport!!!!!

GB RULES Click Here!

“4. The team that is not hosting will pick which side to play on.”

“The use of any communications other than what is provided within the game is prohibited. For example, the use of Skype or private chatting during a match is not allowed. There are exceptions to this rule in which outside communication can be utilized, which includes:
Games that give you no advantage by using outside communication
Games that do not have an in-game voice option
Games in which we specifically state in the rules that outside communication is allowed

We have a zero tolerance policy for cheating. Teams caught cheating, “glitching”, or abusing in-game mechanics in any way will be removed from GameBattles.”


MW3 GameBattles / MLG Video Tip

July 10, 2012 in GameBattles, How to, MW3

TeamBunker’s 1st season doing GB’s didn’t go the “best” but something we have learned the ‘hard way’ is that a TEAM needs to set aside EGO’s and COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, and operate as a SINGLE UNIT. In this set of clips we won; however, the way we communicated and operated, I would not have felt as bad if we lost when not communicating. What makes for frustrating GB’d is not doing the above things and losing, winning and not doing the above items, does not feel as good either. So if you are trying to better your team and any of the above is an issue, TRY them out, YOU WILL BE SURPRISED!!!

CODBUNKER’s Personal Opinion:
You can take a group of “Slayers” (Let’s say in Public Matches they have 3.00 KD’s and 3.00 Win ratios) and put them together to vs a Group of “TEAM” players that may only have 1.18 KD’s and 1.08 win rat’s and I will ALMOST guarantee that if the “TEAM” players operate as a unit and communicate, they would beat the “Slayers” most of the time (if not ALL the time) This is how IMPORTANT TeamWork is IMHO ;)

What say you?


CODBUNKER MLG & GameBattles Team forming!

April 1, 2012 in GameBattles, MW3, NEWS

gamebattles-logoCODBUNKER has created a Premium MLG GameBattles team. We are “getting our feet wet” with PS3 MW3 Team Core Ladder, and will branch out from there. We are in the process of recruiting inside of our PS3 CODBUNKER Clan at the moment, and will hold “tryouts” this week, and hopefully have a “core” team by this weekend. Then if others out there are looking for a Clan and GB team that’s motto is “It’s all about the W” then we will have “tryouts” with the formed team talked about above. We want to get our feet wet, and play around at first (get a feel for it) but then we are going to take this as serious as we can, because CODBUNKER does nothing unless for the win or to be the best. There will be #TEAMBUNKER guidelines/rules listed later once team is formed. So stay tuned for further details, but for now if your in CODBUNKER Clan. I will be taking these stats to start with from our clan to determine initial team & tryouts: KDR, Win Ratio, Accuracy. Combined together, this tells a lot about the level of player you are. So CLAN lets do this now, and this week (April 1-7) (Credit to Socom-Steven, DJAc34, and “Devo” for finally pushing CODBUNKER into doing this ;) )