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Condolences for “LowerSioux” Chuck Good Thunder

January 11, 2013 in General Discussion

For those of you that know or are hearing about the passing of our GOOD FRIEND “LowerSioux” here is the latest update that CODBUNKER has fouund out thanks to his GREAT friends back in his hometown, and his Facebook pals as well (Chuck had SO MANY friends, which is no surprise) for the curious, it did in fact seem that we lost “Lower” to an apparent Heroin Overdose.

More importantly; however, we have found where we can send Condolences for Chuck Good Thunder aka “LowerSioux”

Nelson-Martin Funeral Services
111 S Halvorson St,
Redwood Falls, MN 56283
Subj: Charles Good Thunder

Here is Lower’s Obituary as taken from:

chuck-good-thunderCharles “Chuck” Good Thunder, 28, of the Lower Sioux Community died Thursday, January 10, 2013. Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. on Monday, January 14, 2013 from St. Cornelia’s Church / Bishop Whipple Mission in the Lower Sioux Community. Burial will follow in the church cemetery. Visitation will begin Sunday, January 13, 2013 at 5 p.m. and will continue until 9 a.m. on Monday at the church hall.

Arrangements are with the Nelson-Martin Funeral Service of Redwood Falls. E-mail condolences may be sent via

Charles Kenneth Good Thunder, the son of Glenn and Ruth Ann (Cady) Good Thunder, was born June 25, 1984 in Eagle Butte, South Dakota. He grew up on the Lower Sioux Community and graduated from Redwood Valley High School in 2002. Chuck then attended the Culinary Arts program at Brown College. He was employed at Jackpot Junction and at Burger King. Chuck was a member of the Bishop Whipple Mission and had served as an altar boy.

Chuck was a traditional dancer for many years. He played varsity football and lettered during high school. Chuck loved to laugh and make people laugh. He was an avid golfer and an avid Twins fan; he attended opening day at Target Field. Chuck enjoyed playing poker, cooking, playing softball, and shooting pool. He enjoyed the races and personally sponsored a car. Chuck enjoyed supporting and watching his friend compete in Mixed Martial Arts cage matches.

Chuck was a respectful, loving son; a smiling, fun loving brother; and a loyal friend.

He is survived by his parents Glenn and Ruth Ann Good Thunder of the Lower Sioux Community; his sister Jamie (Craig) All Runner of Redwood Falls; nephews Alex and Ian, Torri (Sarah), Shay (Raven) and Saige; and niece Emma; his sister Elizabeth Good Thunder of Morton; and niece Raven. He was preceded in death by his grandparents.

Blessed be his memory.



Rest In Peace “LowerSioux”

January 10, 2013 in General Discussion

SAD, SAD news today January 10th, 2013
I was notified that a good friend that I (and many of the CODBUNKER “CREW”) played Call of Duty with for many years…… Myself for over 5 years now. “Chuck Good Thunder” known as by many of us on the PSN as “LowerSioux” has crossed over from this life to another today :’( It is truly a sad day. We know and meet many friends throughout our lives via many different ways, such as school, church, work, etc….. But there is also another way in todays day and age, that many of us become quiet close friends with people, people that we never even actually meet face to face. After HOURS & HOURS of play time on Call of Duty, be it Multiplayer, Zombies or what have you, you spend time talking about very deep subjects with some of these people (not all but those “few”).

Some of these people you form a special bond with, that in some cases is closer than people that you actually know. “Lower” was one of these people for me “BUNKER”, “Todd”, or “Buckeye” whichever you preferred to call me. I spent (just guessing here) appx over 1000 hours a year with Chuck, that’s over 40 straight days, or over 120 “workdays” so it’s easy to get to know some of the peeps you play with on a daily basis online in the gaming world of COD. I enjoyed our “deep” discussions and just plain silly discussions, we had a good time online. I got to know Chuck quite well. I knew Chuck had got in trouble a while back for drug’s and spent some time in “lockup” as he called it, and recently had a relapse, for which he got clean again, so based on this info, and what I’ve seen on his facebook it looks as if this may have been an accidental overdose, BUT REMEMBER, I do not know for sure, so please if you do, leave us a comment here to clarify.

Why am I stating this here, one might ask? Well Chuck & I had long discussion, just sitting in an empty lobby, he and I. I feel he would have no issue with me discussing this with you know, especially if his passing was due to drugs. But before I go to far into a rant here (Mostly due to emotions of losing Lower) I will wait until I see the “OFFICIAL” reason for his passing, but if you have problems with drugs……DEAR GOD……PLEASE…..PLEASE….seek help, call a friend, I know Chuck had MANY that would’ve been there for him (and many of you do as well, you just don’t realize it, or think you deserve it, but YOU DO)

I just wanted to pass this info on to the “Bunker” family and offer my condolences to Chuck’s family and friends, and hopefully we’ll have more answers later. So Chuck………Lower…….Rest in Peace my Brother!!! YOU WILL BE MISSED BY MANY!!!




Remember our Military this Christmas Season!

December 16, 2011 in General Discussion

Checking my Facebook this morning I noted two videos posted by some fellow veterans, former “Shipmates” of mine, Lou Tardona Jr. and Jerry Powell. I wanted to share them with you, to help us remember our Military that “stands to wall” and “keeps watch” during this Christmas season (as well as 24/7/365) giving us the security and freedoms to enjoy our time off to play a game (Call of Duty) that they live in real life. So when you open your presents this Christmas and find that “Santa” has brought you an Xbox or PS3 along with “Modern Warfare 3″ pause for a moment and reflect while you play this fantasy of being a soldier that REAL ones are out there giving you the ability to enjoy this game with “no worries” because they are currently “Standing Guard” for us. Thank you to all current serving Military and Veterans, Peace be with you, and YOU will be thought of this Christmas Season :)

“Soldiers Silent Night”


*Note on the Video “Letters from Home” you may also want to check out where this comes from, it’s a Documentary with Gary Sinise (LT. Dan of Forest Gump”) proceeds go to help Gary support our Troops. Check it out. LT. Dan Band The Movie!.