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Happy 2010 Thanksgiving!!!

November 25, 2010 in General Discussion

Happy Turkey Day to ALL!!! Get your eats on and instead of napping this year…..get to your COD7 Black Ops quickly……It will SAVE YOU from the dreaded after dinner sleepy’s LOL :D


Before Call of Duty? Do you Remember When?

October 11, 2010 in General Discussion

I was watching my 4 year old boy playing his Nintendo DS (BatMan) and just amazed at how easy he picked it up, thinking someday he’s gonna BEAST his Papa in COD20 ;-) Then the wife asked if I ever played games like that and was I good at them. My response (going into the WAYBACK Machine here, LOL) of coure I did, and I beasted at them too :-) What I was referring to…..Do you remember when……was the Mattel Electronics Football game. I tried to explain it to her but all she could remember was “Pong” and Atari, etc…. Youtube, YOU ROCK, cause I found it there and thought I’d share it with you “older” gamers who used to BEAST at this and ones like it.

While traveling back in time (in my mind) I couldn’t help but remember one of Activision’s earlier games that I beasted at (I always had the high score and siblings would beat me with sticks, LOL) was my favorite at the time RIVER RAID played on the Atari 2600. So a little history here, programmers (todays “Studios”) were paid peanuts by Atari, Coleco, etc…. and made huge amounts of money off the games…..So many programmers broke off and formed….You guessed it Activision, and IMHO nobody made Atari games like Activision did, they ruled. Now of course Activision is the Big Dog “Publisher” and Treyarchs, Infinity Wards, and Sledghammers are the “Studios” (programmers)…….we’ve come a long way baby!!!




Can’t connect to Call of Duty Friends?

October 6, 2010 in General Discussion

Ever since playing Modern Warfare, World at War, and MW2 I always had Verizon DSL. I always set up my system (PS3/router/modem/etc) with NAT Open or DMZ. I would always have some peeps on my friends list that could not connect to each other and thought this was sorta weird, but anyway they would ALWAYS have me be host and all was happy and connectible. Since I started playing more Ground War on MW2; however, I soon realized I needed more bandwidth (plus it helps to have higher upload speeds when running website :) ) bad-connection-friendsSo I signed up with Charter Communications for High Speed Internet going from 3 Meg down / 750k Up to 16 Meg down / 2 Meg up. Awesome huh??? Well now I am experiencing the same issues that some of my peeps on my friends list have always had and lived with. Now there are certain peeps I can’t connect to unless we connect via a third person. I am currently working with (twitter) ATVI_Mikey (GREAT TECH SUPPORT, Must Follow him and ATVI_Bernard). I am about to involve Charter as well. I thought at first that the peeps that had this problem didn’t know how to properly setup their routers/modems/etc. Well my setup is pristine :D I have my PS3 DMZ’d and WIDE open just as I always do, and no more lag in games :) but since I know my end is setup correctly, I know see that I/we need to find the cause of this since many of you out there may be experiencing the same issue, so lets see if ATVI support and Charter can troubleshoot this and give us an answer to this mystery. My guess is they way various different ISP’s connect to each other may have something to do with this. I will post updates from ATVI and Charter and anybody else that wants to assist, but also I would like your inputs. Are you having this issue, what is your ISP, what is your home setup (modem/router/etc) The more data we have the better we can understand this. I do know a lot of my peeps that have Verizon FIoS seem to have issues with this, and we’re talking FIBER here, LOL……BIG PIPE, so what is going on at the ISP server’s side????
Lets hear from you??????