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We Honor and Rembember 9-11 Vicitms & Heroes

September 11, 2010 in General Discussion


CODBUNKER wants to give tribute to ALL Families whose lives were touched by September 11th 2001. As an American, as a HUMAN BEING, I feel that it is important to NEVER FORGET this day for the evil that was brought upon mankind and to HONOR the innocent people that lost their lives that day, the Mommies, Daddies, Spouses, Kids, families, friends, co-workers, and of course those Heroes that gave their lives trying to save others (this includes ALL military members across the globe fighting this type of evil!)
You are ALWAYS in our thoughts and prayers, and we will NEVER FORGET!!!

I also wanted to add this video to say CHEER’s to Budweiser for this Classy commercial, yet even more class by only showing it once, as not to “profit” from the events…..Very Classy…..Cheers!


Call of Duty Lego Ops COD8 ???

July 11, 2010 in General Discussion

This is sooo funny I had to post it. It was sent in a tweet by Josh Olin (JD_2020 of Treyarch). Could this be the theme for the next Call of Duty COD8 ??? Must watch and share with you friends, its to kewl! BTW, you’ll notice Lego man must have Danger Close, as he starts his first kill with Noob Tubing!!! Too funny!!!


Do you travel with Call of Duty?

July 6, 2010 in General Discussion

I am on business in Connecticut, so I thought…..How many peeps travel and take Call of Duty with them….Am I the ONLY person that addicted??? LOL. Here is a Pic of my setup at the Hilton, (So far their Wifi is acceptable). I fortunately brought my own 22 inch 1080p, they did not have a flat screen…..AT THE HILTON!?? You’ll also notice the brand new PS3 Slim I had to purchase near midnight (thank you Walmart for staying open 24hrs) because my fat boy 60 Gig stopped reading discs (I’ll give more on that later). Hilton’s wifi grade: B+ (could be faster), signal strength was great, and I had the following connected:
Laptop #1
Laptop #2

Here is pic: