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How to work Computer by Chair in Black Ops

November 12, 2010 in Black Ops, Glitch

In a previous post we learned how to break out of the the Chair that we were strapped to in the main menu of COD7 Black Ops to enable the “Dead Arcade” by typing in doa into the terminal (computer). I decided to take another look at this just to see if I could poke in some UNIX or DOS commands and Viola…… and dir both worked. So after seeing the directory structure I decided to use the “type” command to view a text file….AND IT WORKED. Of course this is when I figured out the “help” command which told me to use “cat” on the file names and in doing so, the .snd files will play you some kewl songs, the .pic files will show you …….of course pictures. So I decided to spend a couple of hours (so you don’t have to ;-) ) to compile all of this stuff for you. All I have done so far is “compile” the info and have not had a chance to really even “read” it or use any of the info (it may be totally useless) but anyway, I did most of the work (I think) so you all can look through my compilation and even print or just log onto the terminal and play with it yourself; however, if you find anything helpful in there, please post a comment here so we can share it with others………

From the chair look down and alternate between R1 and R2 until you break free, then walk behind you and use the computer. If you just type ls or dir from here you will be in the /home directory.
You can from here just type cd / and then you will end up at the “root” directory……….LOTS more post to come!!!


COD7 Black Ops Computer root Directory

November 12, 2010 in Black Ops, Glitch

At the root directory it will look like this:
bin/ home/

bin is where the “binaries” (executables) are and home is where each “users” directories are stored.

Here is the “tree”

alicia cat cd clear
cls decode dir doa
encode foobar hello help
login ls mail more
print rlogin type who

These are command that you can execute.
Type in alicia and hit enter (this “therapist” will piss you off :) )


amason/ asmith/ bharris/ dking/
fwoods/ gweaver/ hkissinger/ jbowman/
jehoover jfkennedy/ jhudson/ jmccone/
jturner/ lbjohnson/ rhelms/ rjackson/
rkain/ rnixon/ sagnew/ tbrooks/
twalker/ vbush wraborn/

These directories are the users personal files, from the start you land in amason/

Here is its “tree”

BattleBerlin.txt Dad-Lettter1.txt Dad-Letter2.txt Dad-letter3.txt
GK-NovaMemo.txt Nackers1.txt NoteX.txt NoteX2.txt
Ozy.txt Sis-Letter1.txt TA1.txt anvil.snd
barhavana.pic cage.pic hardtarget.pic khesanh3.pic
khesanh4.pic melville.snd mnk1.pic mnk2.pic
reznov.snd tet1.pic thewolf.pic vorkuta1.pic
vorkuta2.pic wolfinchains.pic

if you type “cat anvil.snd” it will play you a song
if you type “cat tet1.pic” it will show you a picture
You can play with the songs and pics but I will post the .txt files for you in the upcoming posts…….


COD7 Computer amason directory text files

November 12, 2010 in Black Ops, Glitch



The Berlin Strategic Offensive Operation.
16 Apr 1945 to 2 May 1945

Considered one of the bloodiest battles in history, the Berlin Strategic Offensive Operation conducted by the Soviet Union between April 16th and May 2nd of 1945. The war effectively ended with the conquering of the Reichstag and planting of the Soviet flag on April 30th. Fighting continued through May 2nd until the official surrender of the German Army by General Hasso von Manteuffel, commander of the III Panzer Army, and General Kurt Von Tippelskirch, commander of the XXI Army.

Soviet forces suffered over 81,000 KIAs during the course of the offensive. Another 280,000-plus were listed as wounded or ill during that time. On the flip side, Soviet archival data reports German losses at 458,000 killed and 479,000 captured POWs. However, we find these estimated to be exaggerated considering the penchant for propaganda within the Soviet Union. Actual estimates are closer to 100,000 Germans killed in action along with an estimated 125,000 civilians loss. Reports from the Berlin populace during that time recount of tales of revenge-minded Soviet troops engaging in intense rape, pillage, and murder.

A more detailed breakdown can be provided with a written request to the School for Intelligence Analysis.



February 2, 1966


Your mother has taken ill. Doctors got nothing good to say.
Your sisters are here. You need to come home, too.


- Dad



March 14, 1966


This is the tenth letter I’ve sent without response. Your mother
Has finally passed and you weren’t here for her. I know what it is to be
Loyal and serve and bleed for your country. But this was your mother.
And you failed her. Failed your family.

Services are in 5 days. If you’re not here, don’t ever come back.
And as far as me and your sisters are concerned, you died in that prison camp.

5 days.


- Dad



March 20, 1966


I gave you 5 days. You failed. You should have stayed in Vorkuta.


- Your father




Received: 2 March 1968
Returned: 3 March 1968

**SUMMARY: Internal GK memo dated 5 Sept 1944. Earliest known reference to the
NOVA Project.





Subject: NOVA Project

We are on schedule thus far. Stability has been our biggest hurdle. The
effects, however, are promising and yields results beyond that which was

The remaining issues and action items are as [REDACTED]:

a) Stability is stil an issue — we are hoping version 4 will be stable.
Reference– Stability Reference No. NOVA.SR 2010032. Stress investigations
and Long-Term-Testing with trial batches to derive the shelf-life for
batches in phase II.

b) Further testing inroads modes of dispersion currently underway — Initial
findings are positive and lead us to believe only slight modifications will
be needed [to] retrofit current chemical dispersion techniques. Reference –
Dispersion Report No. NOVA.DR 0510032.

c) Long term storage testing is in phase III — The Containers are currently
being tested in various environments. Phase III includes Long-term testing at
25-degrees Celsius at 60% [illegible] for confirmation of findings. Reference
– Stability Report No. NOVA.SR 2010022.

d) Means of protection for handlers and handling protocols must be investigated.

Tests with chimpanzees show current protocols are insufficient. Suggest moving
to human trials to speed research. Reference — Trial Report No. NOVA.TR 1915032

e) Current facilities are inadequate — The scope of this project has vastly
increased and as such our needs have outgrown our current faculty. The incident
last month only reiterates our need for a more permanent and isolated laboratory
Reference — Incident Report NOVA.IR 0002036

[REDACTED] we are expecting your [REDACTED].