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COD MW3 Blackout on 4-20

April 20, 2012 in Black Ops, ELITE, Infinity Ward, MultiPlayer, MW3, NEWS, Sledgehammer

There has been a trickle of Modern Warfare 3 #Blackout hash tags on twitter and peeps discussing on FB. The “trickle” has been large enough to get noticed though. There is also a small “WhiteOut” movement (the antithesis of blackout movement) So TODAY is the day of the Blackout. I could not help but notice the IRONY of having the “BlackOut” on 420 (April 20th is Nat’l Pot Smoking Day). To make matters worse, Infinity Ward / SHG have announced DoubleXP across all platforms to celebrate the PS3′s DLC drop. So here’s what’s gonna happen (IMHO). Some blackout ‘ers will not have the willpower to pass up double xp; therefore, they will be playing. The 420 peeps are gonna get celebrate the blackout by getting stoned, only to later forget about blackout and that they were “mad” at IW/SHG and log on to play and give non-420 ‘ers like my self DOUBLEXP :P (slow reaction time, LOL) Then there is the rest of us (the majority). We are gonna play regardless because it’s not JUST the game, but “hanging” with our pals & clanmates that is part of the fun in the game. Don’t disregard that “we” (those of us playing) are not irritated at many aspects of MW3 that CERTAINLY need improving, not to mention BeachHead Studios “ELITE” that has been a TOTAL wreck. But IMHO, a “blackout” is not going to solve this. If you are THAT unhappy with the game/franchise, DO NOT PURCHASE IT this November (when BlackOps2 is sure to come out), if it’s just IW/SHG’s Modern Warfare series, DON’T PURCHASE THE NEXT MW RELEASE! This is what get’s Activisions attention………MONEY, not a blackout. I personally feel the franchise has been hurt somewhat by the lack of leadership and DISCONNECT, but I also feel that come NOVEMBER, Mark Lamia will surprise all of us and take the “franchise” into his capable hands with Treyarch and turn UP the COD fever a notch………This is my opinion, but just REMEMBER that I said here and now (BTW, I already told you above I’m not a partaker of 420, so don’t say I’m “smoking” anything :P ) Anyways, who’s gonna join me and get some DubXP :) “It’ll make you feel good………..go ahead and try it……” (I couldn’t resist!)

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20 New MW3 Prestige levels?

February 11, 2012 in Infinity Ward, MW3, NEWS, Sledgehammer

There had been rumors that Modern Warfare 3 will be adding 10 more prestige levels to the game. It was quite interesting yesterday in “Twitter Land” people claiming to “Know” and those that were wanting to know………….LIKE US! Well before I was going to post about it, I wanted to hear some “Solid” intel from a credible source. Well last night Robert Bowling (fourzerotwo, of Infinity Ward, Community Manager) tweet the below.


So there is NOW verification that at least 5 new prestige levels will be added to MW3. I find this to be perplexing myself. Why would you add (3 months after release) 5 new prestige levels? Is it because so many have achieved 10th prestige already? (Lest we forget some used DewXP, etc) Personally I feel that IW/SHG should’ve sorted this out before release on how many hours it would take to reach maximum level. Note there was no statement saying 15th prestige will be the max………..”really this time” so when you feel a sense of accomplishment that you are “done” prestiging will they then take it to 20? Not so sure I agree with this “402″ But at any rate THIS IS THE “DOPE”, the real scoop, at least for now. MW3 will have 15 prestige levels………….for now


Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Coming in 2012???

February 9, 2012 in Black Ops, COD9, Infinity Ward, NEWS, Sledgehammer, Zombies

There WILL BE a Call of Duty game release this year (2012) which to many is NO surprise ;) But the question is what will it be. Activision is a Publicly owned Company (traded on the NASDAQ as ATVI) so it goes without saying, they have to make money to please the shareholders. (SO OF COURSE THERE’S GONNA BE ONE IN 2012 BOBBY!!!) See part of Earnings statement with link to full version at bottom!

Let’s do a little logic and timeline shall we:
2009 MW2 release shattered all previous records (ATVI makes lots of $$$)
2010 Black Ops release shattered all previous records (ATVI makes lots of $$$)
2011 MW3 release shattered all previous records (ATVI makes lots of $$$)

No in between these timelines we note that Infinity Ward (Modern Warfare Peeps) had lots of “drama”
Sledgehammer Games came along and was invited to the party to create another type of COD.
Then when ATVI realized IW needed help for MW3, SH Games was enlisted to help them (pausing their production)
SOOOOOoooooo Does ATVI go with SH Games Release for 2012 or the “Almost Guaranteed” $$$ maker Black Ops 2.


We are still not sure what type of game SHG is working on, but If I was going to put money down in “Vegas” Here is how I would say it plays out (at least near term)

SHG’s game will be mid year release in 2012 or 2013, but not THE MAJOR release since MW and BLOPS are guaranteed money. So I’m suggesting that this year (Nov 6, 2012) COD Black Ops II will be released. I’m not so sure that it will have Zombies though. I think since “Call of the Dead” (which I think will be a new series) was so successful it will stand on it’s own…..possibly, and may be just like my suggestion of SHG’s and be a Mid type year release. So what are you thoughts?
What is coming out this year?
Will SHG have it’s own MAJOR?
Will Call of Dead become it’s OWN title?
Your thoughts…………….

Kotick added, “Our extraordinary employees around the world are focused on making 2012 another great year for our audience and stakeholders. Blizzard Entertainment plans to have multiple highly-anticipated titles to release, including Diablo® III, and Activision Publishing expects to release a new Call of Duty game. In addition, Activision Publishing expects to continue to grow Call of Duty Elite and launch Skylanders Giants™.”

ATVI 2011 Year end Earnings