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720 Sniper QuickScope Final Kill. BEAST!!!

April 11, 2012 in Modern Warfare 2, MultiPlayer

MiniScull sent me a message with this video asking me to post it. As always I check it out, and HOLY CRAP! First look I thought it was a KILLER 360 Quick Scope final kill….WHILE HE’s Falling to his death, mind you. But after further review it actually looks more like he 720′d it. HOLY CANNOLI that was just insane. So check it out and share it, tweet it, FB it not just because BUNKER said so (which is reason enough :P ) but because it is just straight up BEAST!!! Awesome MiniScull XD


MW2 Patch 1.12 LIVE, Does it stop Hackers?

March 9, 2011 in Infinity Ward, Modern Warfare 2, NEWS, PS3

We’ve been hearing about the upcoming security patch 1.12 for Modern Warfare 2 for what seems like forever. Well……..It’s here and live……at least on PS3 (other platforms soon). As you well know, MW2 has been riddled with hackers running a muck, at least on the PS3, rendering the game pretty much unplayable. I downloaded the patch (ALL 17 Megabytes of it) to check it out and see if it actually works. I played roughly for about 40 minutes or so and NOT ONE TIME did get thrown into a hacked lobby. :) So one can assume that this lil patch fixed it (at least for now) I will say this; however, that it is surprising (VERY SURPRISING) to me that it took SOOOoooo long for IW to come out with a fix for this issue and it was only 17MB. Whew! That must’ve been some really tough “Coding” there, huh? MONTHS of creating it, and forever in the “QA” process…..for 17MB, Really? At any rate, (Sorry to sound cynical here, just hard not to be) the game did seem to me to be quite playable and just as enjoyable as before (with exception of Danger Close….GRRRRR) BUT!!! I have also seen on various forums/Youtube/etc. That there is a EASY work around 1.12 that looks easier than blowing your nose. So stand by and we’ll see how long this thing lasts ***Still Cynical***


PS3 Hacked MW2 Security Updates coming soon!

February 16, 2011 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

Many of you know that PS3 has been “Jailbroken” by Geohot (see previous posts on this) Unfortunately this information fell into the “evil” hands of those that want to create havoc and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 became hacked to the point that it is almost unplayable online. If you dare enter into an online lobby, you run a 50% chance of getting into a hacked lobby created by some “no life” loser that has the ability to ruin all of your stats and totally destroy you in match play. ( I highly recommend only playing private matches with friends until the fix is live) Given the above info; however, there IS HOPE ON THE HORIZON! :) There is an “alleged” fix for this problem, that is in the QA phase and will be out soon (I hope) here is the information as taken from’s forum page on this subject:

“The latest patch for Modern Warfare 2 has finished production and is now going through internal quality assurance. This new title update will address security issues that have affected online play.

We plan to release this update for all platforms (Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC). No release date is set at this time. Once an ETA is established, it will be posted here.

In addition to the security updates, this patch will also address a small geo exploit on the map Fuel, which players exploited in order to get inside a rock on the outskirts of the map.

Status updates also on Twitter @InfinityWard – @Fourzerotwo and”