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Communication with Activision Server Error

November 2, 2010 in Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

It seems that hundreds or more peeps a day get the error “Communication with Activision Servers has been interrupted”. I’ve noticed today by looking at my websites stats that this issue still receives a LOT of hits to previous posts I’ve made before (dating back to release date of MW2). Well lets finally put an end to this (hopefully :) ) or at least give you the best solution that CODBUNKER can provide!
The answer: TADA!!! contact Activision ;-)
No. Really! Since I’ve made the previous 3 posts on this issue I signed up on Twitter and tweeted on other issues to @Activision and almost immediately I was contacted by thier AWESOME “Tweeting Tech Support”

There are many out there but I will list the few that I have been in contact with. They are VERY friendly and VERY helpful. I mean they go WAY above “Customer Service” So my best answer to this issue and ANY other issue you have with ANY Activision game is to contact them……….Hell some of em just like you to shout out and just say “Hi” just to be social :D
So here’s what to do:
Sign up with Twitter (There is a button over on top right of CODBUNKER-> )
Then of course “follow” @CODBUNKER :) (you don’t hafta, but I’d like that)
Then “Tweet” and or follow the below Awesome Activision Customer Support Team listed below!


“Hey there! ATVI_Mikey here with Activision Customer Support. How can I assist you?”

“Activision Customer Service Coordinator”

These two are just the start of their team and have been VERY HELPFUL to @CODBUNKER!!!
So give them a shout and they will help you or pass you off to another rep that can!
Also if you follow me, I will “FF” (Follow Friday) you on occasion others in the COD Community that you should be following. Bottom line Twitter is a HUGE resource and Tool for Call of Duty fans (and CODBUNKER too ;-) )

OH….BTW….Please leave a comment if they were able to help you, so I can thank them also!!!



FREE MW2 CHALLENGE LOBBY 10th Prestige & more!

October 31, 2010 in Glitch, Modern Warfare 2

I got a text message of a Free Modern Warfare 2 Challenge Lobby from somebody that’s been trying to get into one for a while. He stated it was VERY LEGIT, and he is a trusted source!!! This lobby basically lets you fly around in the air and play some crazy stuff in MW2 (not sure what all, but like “Fly a Harrier” I think) but more important to him was you can edit you own scores, killstreaks, etc…. Also you can unlock all emblems and titles and become tenth prestige!!! So if this is what you looking for here is the instructions (but watch videos to ensure instructions are fully understood) As always with anything like this (and even though source is highly trustworthy) CODBUNKER states “DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK!”
Watch these two videos and subscribe to their channels and just follow their instructions…..
Real Hard huh, and there are lots of peeps on the internet charging for these “Challenge Lobbies” yet the guys are doing it for FREE!!??


No “QuickScoping” in Black Ops says Josh Olin!

October 25, 2010 in Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

quick-scopeWHAT! NO QUICKSCOPE IN COD7 BLACK OPS!?!? Look out Call of Duty Community!!! It would seem that Josh Olin (JD_2020 / CM for Treyarch) has just created a COD7 Mortal SIN!!!……or has he? Yesterday he announce, while responding to his #askjd questions on twitter that there will be no QuickScope in Black Ops, he even said it’s “CHEAP”.

“JD_2020 Josh Olin
cdkee Nope. Quickscoping is way more annoying to a way larger group of people than the quickscoping community who loves to do it. #cheap”

WELL……..This has set off a FIRESTORM in the COD community. Apparently there are LOTS of “Quickscopers” out there, or at least those that liked it. Well I’m gonna give my opinion on this one, since it seems to be a HUGE topic right now. IMHO it is: (In MW2 that is) Quick “aim assist” this game was designed to give you the illusion that you are one of the most amazing snipers in the world by giving you the “perks” that enable quick aim and aim assist with stopping power….etc…. So basically I see it as the computer doing ALL the work. We’ve all seen knives thrown in the air 100 yards away and land in somebodies butt :D (all done thanks to the algorithms/program running the game). Hell I’ve seen martyrdom nades ROLL UPHILL and kill me. I’ve seen nades tossed at me (watched killcam) and see the nade ARC a semi circle (defying ALL physics) and land on me….WTH???? So in a nutshell, I call it “Aim Assist” not “QuickScope”…..

GIVEN THAT; however, I will also say this. IT DOES TAKE SKILL to be a “STUD” at it. I can easily get lucky and QS your butt occasionally, but there are some out there that do it so fluidly and consistently that it is obvious they have fine tuned it into a skill. Personally I do not see a reason to axe it, it is not that annoying to me as JD seems to think it is to most. So I don’t think it should go since there are so many that want it and seem VERY passionate about it. (Nobody listened to me bout elevators being gone :( ) LOL, guess there wasn’t enough of us “elevate’ers” even in private matches……oh well. But back to QS, the COD world seems to have been turned upside down right now, I would estimate that at least 1/3rd of peeps out there want this in the game………that’s a lot. But we shall see if the voices of the masses can make it happen….Good luck and here is just a sample of some of the tweets to Josh Olin of the “Lash Back”….whoooo its not pretty!

“jerelcabesas Jerel Cabesas
JD_2020 Sure, readjusting the sniper makes sense. But intentionally making it so people can’t quickscope. Pathetic. Is it cuz you can’t ?”

JD_2020 you call me cheap for quickscoping(F**K U). if i wasnt able to quickscope i would just camp in some spot plant a claymore behind me”

“PtpRs Ptp Rs
JD_2020 Btw,i dont even quickscope,i just am suggesting you keep it in there because your upsetting 50% of the community,…”

“ShootinAce Tyler Shaller
JD_2020 please dont kill quickscopin as you may know this is pissin alot of COD Fans off IT TAKES MORE SKILL TO QUICKSCOPE spraying is easy”

“JJ9394 Jeremy
JD_2020 how are you a community manager when the whole community wants quickscopes and no second gay chance and tubes but u gimp quickscope”