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Can’t Connect to Friends on PSN MW2

October 17, 2010 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

NetGear-WNR2000v2Sometimes when we’d have a friend that would be host of the “Party” when getting a team together for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, occasionally somebody was unable to join the party. I was usually asked to host, or “deathbyme_75″, since we always were able to connect to all friends. I had Verizon DSL with Westell Modem/Router, DBM75 had cable (not sure what). Well it finally came that time to switch to higher bandwidth for me, so I switched to Charter Cable 16Meg Down, 2Meg Up. When I made the switch I decided to purchase a “nice” router and went with the Netgear WNR2000v2. All seemed good until I invited Fierce……HE COULD NOT JOIN! I couldn’t believe it! I am an Ace at networking (I’m an Electronics Engineer for Major Defense Contractor) its stuff I do to make a living, LOL. I always assumed it was those Linksys-WRT160N“other” people that did not now how to set up their equipment. So the troubleshooting begins: I of course used some GREAT resources in my endeavor, (which I highly recommend you follow and ask for assistance when needed) was Twitter ATVI_Mikey and CharterGeorge, THEY WERE GREAT! Customer service “like the good ole days” :) I personally wanted to point the finger at Charter or my Motorola Surfboard 5100. When I connected straight to it (bypassing the Netgear router) all worked perfect. Researched to see if there was a firmware update for router, there was none. I did have it set to DMZ for my PS3. But tried CharterGeorge and ATVI_Mikey’s suggestions, and port forwarded these ports: (for MW2) “This game uses ports 2005, 3074, 3075, 3478(UDP) and ports 80, 443, 5223, 3074(TCP).” This still did not work. I included Netgear in a tweet and nothing, so I decided to take back the Netgear WNR2000v2 and purchased a LinkSys WRRT310N. I set up my SSID, and security, and without even “DMZ’n or Port Fwd’n” right out of box, NAT=Open and problem solved. I now connect to ANYBODY I want. Moral of the story is DO NOT BUY Netgear WNR2000v2 for gaming on the PS3. If some of you are out there that needs help with such an issue post a comment, I’ll help best I can, but ATVI_Mikey is great and if you are on Charter so is CharterGeorge!



MW2 Chopper Gunner Hacked Lobby!

October 10, 2010 in Glitch, Modern Warfare 2

In the past week it seems that I’ve been running into these “Chopper Gunner Care Package Lobbies” somewhat often. Basically what is it you ask? Somebody has hacked a Modern Warfare 2 server (I know, its hard to believe that IWNET is Hackable :D ) and the hack is: ALL care packages will have Chopper Gunners, AC-130s, Harriers, and yes EVEN A NUKE! (Mostly they are Chopper Gunners) This includes Emergency Air Drops. A real good indication of this is if you launch a predator it is SUPER FAST, if you hit the boost button on predator it blows itself up because its TOO FAST! Also, you might notice that if you have Sleight of Hand Pro perked up, you won’t even see yourself reload its so fast. Lastly, sometimes the intervention will shoot like a FULLY AUTOMATIC! I seen “G” (Crunk) enter into a HQ match so I joined session to mess with him, funny thing is he didn’t know, nor I that we WISHED we had Care Package setup, especially him since he was on the other side which had unlimited CG’s, I would’ve never got my CP if I had it setup :( But the 10 minute or so video below shows you the power of this hack (I forgot to tell you….CG’s bullets…1 bullet around 20 feet from you KILLS YOU NOW!) and I suspect you are going to start to see it run a muck on IWNET so chance of you entering in a HQ match and finding this are getting higher, LOL. Watch Vid, share with pals, and what do you think?

OH, BTW…Here are the Names (if you can’t see them in video) of the “winning/hack” team:
OH, again, NOTE their “Spinning 10th Prestige Emblems” also when they get kills!

[.] ak47getsikwitit
(and “crunk” inoccent lucky bystander, LOL)


MW2 Elevators after ALL patches!?

October 9, 2010 in Glitch, Modern Warfare 2

Those of us that loved the Elevators so much in Modern Warfare 2 (as well as other Call of Duty Titles) were SOOO depressed when they finally patched them for good…….or did they. Technically, yes; however, there is still a way to do them… is just sort of a hassle.
*** I do not know if this method is legal or not or if it will damage your system; therefore IF you do it….Do it AT YOUR OWN RISK This is for educational purpose only, just to show that it IS STILL POSSIBLE. ***
This was done on a Playstation 3:
First you download “PS3 Patch Blocker” search it and follow install instructions:
Then Delete your MW2 Patch files: Warning This also deletes your “Map Packs” for MW2
Then Start the PS3 Patch Blocker.
Start the Game and enter into a private match (you will have to log on also to go into “Multiplayer”)
I experienced getting “kicked” occasionally from the network, but quickly signed back in and all was well.
(I think it may have been when my “friends” were messaging me is when I was getting kicked…..not sure though)
I did not attempt to go into an online game with this, since I was just seeing if it was able to work in a private match only. I did try to invite friends but it would not work, they could not join, so it was just me :( I suppose it may be possible if a friend had the same setup that I did, but who knows. It was VERY refreshing to be able to “fly” again though :D I really do wish that MW2 would ALLOW elevators from normal games to be played ONLY in private matches…………..REALLY……..what would that hurt????
I would LOVE to be able to play private matches with the ability to do the “kewl” stuff again for the next 30 days, before I put MW2 on the shelf for COD BLACK OPS!!!! :D