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Is this the “ALL TIME” Dumbest COD team ever?

February 19, 2012 in MultiPlayer, MW3

Here is a video of what could possibly be one of the dumbest Call of Duty teams that I have ever seen. Socom-Steven played against them and told me about it, put it in his file share, and now I’m sharing it with you. “As the story goes” While in the lobby this ‘dumb’ team stated to steve & pals, that they were guaranteeing that this Team DeathMatch would end in a DRAW. Lots of “smack” talk happens in the lobbies as we all know, but this was a pretty dumb statement to which they replied………….um….Ok…whatever. Well the funniest thing is their system seemed to be possible, yet they still failed, LOL but if they do this often, I’d hate to see their KDR’s ;) Anyway, watch the video, and YOU DECIDE. Have you ever seen anything DUMBER than this???

DUMB Team’s stats/names for this game:
Arkaik- (19-103)
MSW330 (14-22)
dreject360 (9-22)
Jereem1 (7-17)
hjutggrftr (2-177)
old_mis_indian63 (0-143)

Total deaths=484


Double XP on COD Black Ops Feb10-12, 2012

February 6, 2012 in Black Ops, MultiPlayer, NEWS

For all of you N00Bs that just got Call of Duty Black Ops, either used or at a discounted price….. or those of you that haven’t quite attained 15th prestige on COD Black Ops yet…….Well here is you chance. Starting Friday, February 10th at 10am PST through Monday, February 12th at 10am PST Black Ops will have DOUBLE XP. Oh Yeah, AND it will have a 24/7 map of your choosing. Hopefully, I’ll see you all there, so I can collect my Double XP from YOU!!! ;)

Your choices for 24/7 are:
* Firing Range
* Summit
* Stadium

As of 8pm EST on Feb 6th the voting tally is:

Votes / Map
10k / Firing Range
1.7k / Summit
0.5k / Stadium

To vote go to Treyarch’s FB poll page CLICK HERE TO VOTE!!!.


MW3 DLC Map “Liberation”

February 3, 2012 in ELITE, MultiPlayer, MW3, NEWS, PS3, Xbox

Here is a look at the Map Pack “First Offensive” DLC Map “Liberation” along with a little commentary………I also talk a little about the Elite “Exclusive Content” along with the Xbox Exclusive Content over PC & PS3 and give my little “rant” or two cents if you will. But just wanted to show you all that do not have this content yet what they look like. IMHO I like both of the Maps “Liberation” & “Piazza” (to my surprise, I REALLY like them) even though Liberation is more of a Sniper haven type map, I really enjoyed it (as a runner gunner type) but I really love Piazza the most. Check the video, comment, subscribe ;)