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Call of Duty Black Ops Title Update 1.11

July 26, 2011 in Black Ops, NEWS, PC Call of Duty, PS3, Xbox

Just went live today for PS3 and has been out for others already. Listed below is what it entails for the major platforms, per Call of Duty Forums:
**NOTE** PC has a 1.12 Update also listed at bottom.

7/26/11 (Patch 1.11)
• Security updates.
• Support for Annihilation Map Pack (releasing July 28)
• Search and Destroy audio tweaks for planting and defusing.

(Title Update 11)
• Security Updates.
• Search and Destroy audio tweaks for planting and defusing.

(PC Patch 1.11)
• Corrected several issues related to Mod Tools file downloading
• Ninja Pro Perk no longer makes sounds when mantling or diving to prone
• Theater screenshots, films, clips and custom games now display player ratings
• Addressed pathing issues in Call of the Dead

PC Patch 1.12 (Goes live at 5p PST, Servers start rebooting at 4:00).
• Improved screenshot stability
• CTF: You can only score a capture when your flag is at your base, regardless of Touch Return setting.
• Player will no longer appear to be spinning when firing and guiding a Valkyrie rocket
• Addressed issues with watching films through combat record
• Addressed issue with hardcore game settings being erroneously reset in Combat Training menu
• Addressed various exploits
• Modders: increased some asset pool sizes
• Modders: added listassetpool command
• Addressed various exploits in MP and Zombies
• Audio tweaks for planting and defusing bombs.


PS3 Annihilation DLC Map Pack July 28

July 24, 2011 in Black Ops, NEWS, PS3, Xbox

Call of Duty’s Black Ops DLC “Annihilation” Map Pack will be available for download from the PlayStation Store on July 28th.
Overview of all Maps seen here. But browse thru previous post to see a “quick look” video of them :)

Annihilation multiplayer maps: Silo, Hangar 18, Drive-In, and Hazard
Zombie Map: Shangri-La.

Typically, as always in the past, you should see Double XP that weekend (July 29-August 1) on ALL platforms, AND since Xbox already has this map pack, you should see NUKETOWN 24/7 (just as PS3 seen it during Xbox’s DLC release)



COD7 BlackOps PS3 Escalation DLC Maps June 10th

June 4, 2011 in Black Ops, NEWS, PS3

Call of Duty Black Ops Map Pack for the PS3 are finally arriving June 10th and they will bring along with it DOUBLE XP! “Escalation features five big chunks of content – four multiplayer maps and one star-studded Zombies experience unlike any other.”

Multiplayer Maps:

and………………CALL OF THE DEAD Zombies Map (OMG it is sooooo much fun) :D