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Will COD Elite EVER Work properly???

March 31, 2012 in ELITE, Reviews

Finally after 5 months of only having 3 clan operations on COD ELITE, we had one more this last weekend (30MAR12) and I’ve seen many disgruntled peeps on the ELITE site complaining they didn’t get any of their scores counted AT ALL. CODBUNKER clan only received a silver (we’ve gotten all gold in past) which is respectable; however, when I seen the kill counts of our memnbers and then manually counted them myself by checking each game they play, it only amounted to about HALF of what we should’ve been due!

So far BeachHead Studios (makers of Call of Duty ELITE) have proven to be at best, substandard, IMHO. Taken DIRECTLY from their “ELITE” website, IF YOU SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP: “Join Clan Competitions and earn new in-game tags and emblems. Earn Double XP as you level up your clan with operations and challenges.” Screenshot and further reading from previous article. This is CLEARLY false advertisement. We are getting frustrated and tired of the lame job Beachhead is doing, and hope that Activision Managment steps up and corrects this debacle. One can argue, “If your not happy with the service then don’t buy it”, well First, I already DID, secondly and most importantly I have been a huge fan of Activision since the days of River Raid and Pitfall, and now of course the Call of Duty franchise. So this is the most upsetting thing, IMHO is that Beachhead is trashing a good brand name. If you tweet this post, put it on your Facebook, etc. and get enough exposure, then MAYBE ATVI will do something about this and put the Franchise back on the right course……………Your thoughts??



Tritton AX720 & AX180 Review

March 10, 2012 in PC Call of Duty, PS3, Reviews, Xbox

I was searching youtube the other day on some setup tips (splitting audio. etc) for what I am currently using “Tritton AX720″ gaming headsets. I came across “ReviewGuy1000″ youtube channel and like his very informative review of the Tritton AX 720 & 180 PS3/PC/XBOX360 gaming headsets, I was quite impressed, it was well done and unbiased, and presented as “just a consumer” review. So I decided to share it here, and will of course provide other headsets, accessories, etc Reviews for COD Gaming. So if your into looking at these two Tritton Headseats, then check out this informative video review.