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PS3 Out of Memory 14 Error

November 10, 2011 in COD8, Infinity Ward, MultiPlayer, MW3, NEWS, PS3, Sledgehammer

Are you getting frustrated with the blasted error “outofmemory15″ on you PS3 console while playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3? Well you not the only ones! This is occuring to almost half of the peeps that I’ve played with online, and I’ve had it happen 4 times yesterday, and expect that in a few minutes when I log on, I will have to deal with it again. For some of you it seems to be very often, some (like myself) minimual…yet still frustrating. I am currently seeking assistance with Activision Support and PSN to get some intel on this and will pass it on shortly. I’m curious; however, is anybody on Xbox seeing this? What consoles are you seeing it on. Myself, I’m seeing it on a PS3 Slim. Any “fatboy” PS3′s seeing it? The more data we gather the better we can inform the “fixers” to resolve this.

Typically with me, it happens as a game is loading (after w8n forever in a lobby) then screen goes black and error occurs, and your off the games connection (i.e. IWNET)



MW3 LEAKED! Before Official Announcement!

May 13, 2011 in COD8, Infinity Ward, MW3, NEWS, Sledgehammer

MW3-Picture-leak-3Huge news in the Call of Duty world today! Modern Warfare 3 had a major leak that was plastered onto the internet by There are lots of details and ACTUAL pictures of what will be COD8. There has been plenty of rumors floating around about how Sledgehammer Games, Infinity Ward, and Raven Software had teamed up to bring us the next COD8 which would be a Prequel to the MW and MW2 series. Based on what has turned up today, it has all but proven this to be FACT. To further solidify this partnership and that it will be MW3 just refer to the below tweets:

From Glen Schoefield (CEO SHGames)
Seeing lots of information and mis-information out there. Time will come soon for me to share. Looking forward to it. Stay tuned. @SHgames

Robert Bowling (IW Community Manager)
A lot of hype & a lot of leaked info on #MW3, some still accurate, some not. To avoid spoiling the experience, I’d wait for the real reveal.
(NOTE: FourZeroTwo actually Hashtag’d MW3, LOL)

Guy Beahm (SHGames Community Manager)
Sort of got into a CoD groove last night. Killstreaks: pred, blackbird, dogs… Here’s one game:
(Noticed this last night, and thought……PRED….Predator, I just bet Guy has has Predator Stuck in his head from playing some of the Beta of MW3 which may mean you’ll see those again on MW3, if this was the case)

As you can see IW and SHG’s has a response to this leak, which IMHO has confirmed that rumors are very close, basically COD8 will be MW3, done by SHG/IW/RS.

Below are some more Pictures of MW3 as well as the link to kotaku’s article with much more detail.



Link to Kotaku Article.


Meet Sledgehammer Game’s Community Manager!

March 10, 2011 in NEWS, Sledgehammer

Ever since Sledgehammer Games came on the radar (around last years ATVI Q4 announcement, I believe) we here at CODBUNKER have been wondering WHO will be their “Community Manager” (such as 3ARC’s Josh Olin, and IW’s Robert Bowling). Well it seems that the job has finally been filled, not that Glen Schoefield and Michael Condrey haven’t been great & informative but every COD Studio needs a “frontman” aka a CM. While it seems it is STILL not “official” (now press release from SHG and no response from Glen/Michael) there is now too much buzz going on via social media (first heard it from Mat Houchens of IPC then by Dan Amrich of Activision) and many other sources. So CODBUNKER is 98.34% positive that the SHG CM is…..Drum roll…….

Guy Beahm
Sledgehammer Game’s Community Manager


Guy Beahm - SHG CM

His Alter Ego:
Dr Disrespect of Machinima


Dr. Disrespect of Machinima

CONGRATS Guy on landing the CM position at a COD Studio that we here at CODBUNKER thinks will “Bring da Hamma” to Call of Duty. We’ve got High Hopes for SHG and since you are now the Face to the Hamma’s Force we are setting them High for you as well :)

For those of you that Twitter, you can (and should) follow him -> @GuyBeahm