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Modern Warfare 3 Review

November 16, 2011 in COD8, Infinity Ward, MultiPlayer, MW3, Sledgehammer, Spec Ops, Survival Mode

I’m not sure how to write this review, because when I think about it….How can a game disappoint you and frustrate you SO much, yet cause you to be addicted to it and have fun playing it at the same time??? I will do my best of explaining this love and disgust. So bear with me, and agree or disagree, and give us your input. Here is what CAN’T be denied: This joint venture of Sledgehammer Games (New kid on the Block) and Infinity Ward (Incumbent to MW) sold of 12 MILLON copies netting almost 3/4 of a BILLION Dollars in its first week!!! Shattering ALL previous entertainment records (this was anticipated, but WOW). We all new that IW was “crippled” last year due to a shake up with top management, but along comes SHG to join in, fresh blood, with it’s driven founders Glen Schoefield and Michael Condrey So along with IW the expectations for this game was immense. Even with the Props I gave Treyarch’s Black Ops, I would still tell peeps that I play with “If you could get rid of Danger Close/Noob Tube’n and the massive hacking that went on in MW2 it would still be IMHO the best FPS (first person shooter) due to it’s feel and online gameplay. So with an entire year plus SHG onboard, and lessons learned from MW2 and Black Ops. This MW3 was going to be almost PERFECT.

I was excited when I inserted the DVD into my console and seen the IW & SHG splash screen then the rest of the intro. I almost had to change my pants just then, LOL. Then the main menu comes up and………..MY JAW HIT THE FLOOR. Did I just insert my MW2 DVD?? What? What is this? No matter looks just like MW2 but that was there just to keep some similarity there I suppose. So I go to the online section, with my tongue hanging out. Ouch! I just bit my tongue…..This is MW2!!? So I look around and OK there is a few different buttons that were added. I would’ve thought that the “Front End” GUI would’ve got some sort of make over, but I BELIEVED and pressed on because I knew the online gameplay was going to be insanely PERFECT. I waited and waited and waited……etc……and Finally get into a match and seen an UMP as a default weapon, OH YEAH, this is what’s up! So I play on and it was perfect, mostly. Graphics were better, the FEEL of the gun, shooting it, running with it, and everything you think that a FPS should be, this was it!!!

So then I started to get an insane amount of invites, I back out so I could just “Join Session” I get the “user is in a private party” so this makes sense, cause many peeps would just be jumping in your party. I decided to form my own party and went to send out the invites and now BACK to the disappointment, what a pain IMHO, it was actually easier to just got the the XMB of my console and invite from there (I guess BLOPS spoiled my with it’s GUI). We finally had our 6 man team together to start pwning these campers (massive camping is a side effect of new COD’s as nobody knows the maps yet) so i go to find a game and we wait and wait and wait………..etc It would take up to 20 minutes at times to get into a match! OK, Matchmaking FAILS!!! Then later on during a match, I get booted from game and get “OutofMemory14″….WHAT! Regroup, wait 20 minutes for a match.

OH, wait a minute, I bought a Hardened Edition, I’m gonna log out and log into this COD Elite, check it out, get my founder status, and obtain my Double XP before I go back to regroup. Long story short, the highly touted CODELITE…..FAILS! Good thing they had a BETA in preparation for what EVERYBODY knew was going to be the largest release of all time, with extreme server needs o_O So back to online play. Bottom line, I just can’t say….baaaawaaaaaghhhh….I’m so confused. OK OK Deep breath…..As of right now, I have logged 30 hours of online play and have prestiged and am up to level 20….something. When All 8 cylinders are firing on the network, this online play feels AWESOME!!!! and is very addictive; however, when you get a crappy connection (MW2 didn’t seem to do that often, BLOPS did, hence the term Lag Ops) so WHY does MW3 have these crappy connections so much? Since the front end GUI is almost the same, how did they go backwards from MW2 on this part. Well as of now it seems that the Matchmaking is MUCH better, but still some serious lag exists. There were also reports of “Hacked” stats within 3 hours of this game being release; however, at least no “Challenge Lobbies”…yet (I seriously doubt we’ll see those) I love the Guns, the way each feels and has it’s own personality. I love the way each loadout you can feel it impact you in every way THIS IS A FPS as it should be (remember when firing on all cylinders)

When I lit this part off, I had to reach down on the floor and pick up one of my eyeballs. WOW the graphics are AMAZING, I only got through the 2nd round, the submarine level, which is very near and dear to my bluenose/amine pumping heart. Did I mention the GRAPHICS!!! INTENSE!!! I’ve only heard from a few that the storyline is “OK” but these graphics are amazing and I don’t care if the story is average, I’m gonna have fun with Campaign.

This is your traditional Spec Ops that was introduced to us in MW2 with twist. I enjoyed many hours, when my and 1 other person was online to just get in Spec Ops to play and just BS, but now there is this thing called “Survival Mode” all I can say is GOOD LUCK. It is Treyarch Zombiesque except these non zombie enemies shoot at you in relentless waves. I will need more time on this to truly discuss it, but honestly I was not Overly impressed…….Being a Zombie (BLOPS & WaW) fanatic….this is not a replacement or even close, yet it is new and fun, but not innovative IMHO.

New Multiplayer games Kill Confirmed and Team Defender are BEAST, not for the weary, or campers lots of action here. They still have bugs to work out, but this will, I believe, be my FAVORITE online FPS ever. I have come to terms with some of my disappointments, mainly because I thought long about it. Treyarch went from WaW to Black Ops and the Innovation and Leaps and bounds in the GUI, Game, etc that they made, somehow affected the expectation, especially with a “fresh blood” involved (SHG) that MW3 would be Leaps and Bounds beyond MW2. The more I play it the more I like it. I still would suggest that the GUI in the next MW be more user friendly. There will be plenty more discussion on Modern Warfare 3 through out the year, but for now…..WHAT DO YOU THINK OF IT?