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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Reveal’s the Future 2025

May 1, 2012 in BlackOps2, MultiPlayer, NEWS, Treyarch

Call of Duty’s Treyarch has released their “Reveal Trailer” of the NEXT COD…..Black Ops 2. It’s setting is: Black Ops of the Future. Character Frank Woods (RET) Starts of talking in 2025, you’ll note in the video, there looks like there will be VERY awesome futuristic machinery and weapons. Check out the video below…………I can’t wait till November 13, 2012


Prototype Quadrotor Machine Gun, BlackOps2 ?

April 26, 2012 in Black Ops, BO2, NEWS, Sledgehammer, Treyarch, Zombies

tacitus-black-opsIf you’ve visited lately to see what has changed with regards to the teasers leading up to the Call of Duty May 1st Reveal, you will have noticed that the grainy picture of this “Quadrotor” has been revealed but now also has a youtube link to FPSRUSSIA video shown below. I have to admit now, after seeing this, I am confused. We all have been expecting, especially with the “leaks” that the next COD coming out is Black Ops 2, but is it?? IMHO this thing looks “futuristic” not “Cold War-ish” and something that Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey over at Sledgehammer Games might come up with. So no I have to ask myself is Activision leading us to believe that Treyarch is coming out with Black Ops 2 in November, ONLY to surprise us with a new type of COD (Which is what we thought SHG was doing in the first place). Something futuristic? All things have been pointing to BO2 but is this something you would see in the “Cold War” era that Black Ops “supposedly” is locked into (pre-modern warfare). You should note; however, that this FPSRUSSIA guy, supposedly an employee at “Tacitus” (also a clue on COD website), at time 3:39 of video he states “Zombie Terrorists know how to have a good time”. Hmmmmm is THAT a hint towards Black Ops 2 ZOMBIES??? I tweeted out earlier this week that the COD Franchise has become predictable and it “we all know” BO2 will be released in Nov. I will have to admit, whatever ATVI is up to it has added a bit of intrigue to what is going on now, and we will PAY MORE ATTENTION to the clues at COD’s website.

Final thoughts:
I still believe that BO2 will be the Title released in November, but…..
Could we see a mid/late summer release of a NEW COD by SHG also
Or will this all tie into BO2 & Zombies :D


COD BlackOps 2 World Reveal May 1st?

April 23, 2012 in Black Ops, MultiPlayer, NEWS, Treyarch, Zombies

So the interwebz has been a buzz, especially twitter with this upcoming “World Reveal” of a Call of Duty game on May 1st (During NBA Playoffs). I will explain the “Title” of this article in a moment. So the “tweets” have been saying a reveal of a COD game, which is no surprise, as we have become quite accustom to a Blockbuster release in November by the franchise. Usually preceded by the reveals and teaser starting at or around the May timeframe (you all know E3 is just around the corner) We have also been witness to many “leaks” on BlackOps2 recently, with no “solid” proof. But if you will note the peeps that are the busiest tweeting about the reveal are associated primarily with Treyarch. I’ve pretty much been already sold on what I believe that Black Ops II will be released this November, and these recent tweets by Treyarch peeps are just making that more solid for me. What I did have in question; however, was if Zombies will break off to form it’s own COD series “Call of Dead”. Many of you state “I will not buy BO2 if it doesn’t have zombies with it” but I still think it can stand on it’s own. BUT……I did take note of Kevin Sherwood (Writer of the Zombie songs that Elena Siegman sings) tweeting out about this COD Reveal also, HMmmmmmmm…… Kinda makes you wonder if he may “know” something, Like maybe he has written some more awesome tunes for BO2 Zombies. What do you think?? It even seemed that he kinda got a smack on the hands by Dan Amrich (OneofSwords) from ATVI for his input. (This part is pure speculation on my part BTW, based on the tweets I’ve seen) You can check out the “reveal teaser” at on their front page. I’ve posted a pic of the only thing that can be made out (zoomed in some). Lets also remember that Sledgehammer Games was working on their own COD related game until they were pulled off of it to assist Infinity Ward complete MW3. So technically they may have something in store, but they sure are quiet. My take is that BlackOps2 will be the reveal and it WILL HAVE ZOMBIES :D unless Activision has FINALLY pulled off the biggest twist in the franchise history. I highly doubt it though, because they have to ensure that the shareholders are happy come November with a Blockbuster, and the only Blockbuster they is sure to deliver is BO2. But that is not to say that SHG may have something pop up in the middle of this. So what are your thoughts?? I’m sold on BO2 with Zombies! Do I have any wagers out there, LOL ?? Anyway check the COD website and back here often for future intel, check out the pic below, and follow @codbunker on twitter. Finally watch the NBA Playoffs for goodness sakes! ;)