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Call of Duty Zombies SOUNDTRACK is HERE!!!

January 25, 2011 in Black Ops, NEWS, World at War, Zombies

cod7-zombieOh how I’ve been hoping they’d actually come out with a soundtrack for all those kewl azz songs that I’ve come to enjoy while Blasting away Zombies on Call of Duty World at War and Black Ops!!!! Well wait no longer, on the right side of this web page is a widget you can listen to all of them, and then download the whole album (I recommend the whole album….bang for the buck) But you have to download my personal Favorites #7 “Beaty Of Annihalation” and #5 “The One” at least give those two a listen :D

Below is the whole list:

1. Damned
2. Lullaby Of A Deadman
3. Abra Macabre
4. Slight Chance Of Zombies
5. The One
6. Death On The Dance Floor
7. Beaty Of Annihalation
8. Raining Teddy Bears
9. Laughing Corpses
10. Slasher
11. Twilight
12. Voice In Your Head
13. Zombies Don’t Surf
14. 115
15. Clockwork Squares
16. Temple
17. Undone


Anybody Gonna Play ZOMBIES for Halloween???

October 30, 2010 in Black Ops, World at War, Zombies

I suggest that in honor of Halloween and the incredibly fun COD5 game of WaW Zombies that we all pull out MW2 game and plop in the World at War game and Play ZOMBIES! Forward this to all you pals and see just how many people we can get to be ZOMBIFIED for Halloween!!! Currently at 1:30 (New York Time EST) Saturday October 30 here are the stats for COD5 Zombies:

Total Playing Zombies on PSN 6300
Each Map stats:
Nacht der Untoten 1677
Zombie Verruckt 296
Shi No Numa 558
Der Riese 6574

So lets see if we can put a “HIT” on Treyarch/Activision servers this weekend! Also to “refresh” the Zombie play/storyline in our minds since COD7 (Black Ops) will be out in 10 DAYS!!! with more Zombies to kill.
Lets do it, Pass it on, email it, put it on your facebook, etc……………


COD5 World at War Gun Music Remix?

September 25, 2010 in World at War

You HAVE to watch this video! It takes all the gun sounds (and various other soundbites) from Call of Duty W@W and mixes them into a WaW Gun MUSIC VIDEO! The thought and time that goes into something like this is truly amazing and ARTISTIC. Josh Olin tweeted this earlier and I had to watch it 3 times to believe it :D It must’ve taken a lot of effort, GREAT Job PolishPenguin! Check it out and be amazed, but don’t forget to email/tweet/facebook to your pals, cuz this is too kewl not to share. Don’t forget to subscribe to PolishPenguin’s youtube