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Xbox DLC Deal, Elite, and PS3 how it all works!

December 22, 2011 in ELITE, MW3, NEWS, PS3, Xbox

Modern Warfare 3 has its first Map Pack DLC coming out exclusively to Xbox Elite Premium Members on January 24th, 2012. After this news was announced must admit that I was surprised at how the twitter COD community BLEW UP! Lots of peeps asking why Elite Premium PS3 members have to wait the “typical 30 days” later after Xbox for the MW3 DLC content. CODBUNKER has posted this info many times (as has many others, including VIPs such as Dan Amrich aka OneofSwords) THIS HAS NOT CHANGED the benefit is that Xbox & PS3 Premium Elite members don’t have to pay for their DLC, and will receive it earlier than non premium members; however, it will still be staggered in accordance with a previously struck agreement with Activision and Microsoft which you can see here Previous XBOX Exclusive Deal.


ALSO, it states on the ELITE FAQ page:

“Do X360 and PS3 Call of Duty ELITE Premium members receive their DLC at the same time?

Similar to Map Packs, X360 Premium members will receive their DLC before PS3 Premium members. All Call of Duty ELITE Premium members will receive a steady stream of content released monthly for 9 months through the DLC season, and they will also receive their DLC before non-premium members on their console. “

I do not know where the misunderstanding has come from as Elite, Activision have been very clear, and the word has been put out many times, by not just CODBUNKER, but other sites as well. It is what it is!!! I am NOT defending anybody, I just want all the facts out there.

My personal take is “I don’t like it” but that is Business! MSFT struck a deal with ATVI & SONY lost out. (If anybody’s been left hung out to dry it’s been the PC community, IMHO) Secondly if you want to be mad about something I’d suggest that you pressure ATVI & Beachead Studios as to WHY ELITE is STILL NOT working like it was marketed to do soooooo long ago……….Just saying. I will have an upcoming article on that mess soon!



November 29, 2011 in ELITE, MW3, NEWS, Xbox


Finally got the Xbox 360 “CODBUNKER” CLAN up and going. Just purchased the ELITE membership, so it’s not showing my 500xp yet (takes up to 24hrs) as most of you know I primarily play on PS3; however, now with this ELITE CLAN thing ( I think it’s kewl as shiznit) I plan on hit’n up Xbox more often, maybe 40% ish. Mainly cuz as I’ve stated to those in my PS3 CLAN that I think this would be a kewl opportunity to build a large CLAN of great players…..TEAM PLAYERS, and maybe have inter CLAN wars to build a MAJOR LEAGUE team from inside of the CLAN! If this sounds interesting to you, leave your GT (gamer tag) in comment below. Read the rest of the post first though :)

The WHOLE CLAN will get 500 Xp for every ELITE Founder who joins us as their first clan.
ALSO: We all get Double CLAN XP for every Elite Founder that joins in the future
Furthermore, we will also unlock a lot of kewl things!



I think as a guideline to start of withis: all members should have a POSITIVE KDR and a POSITIVE Win Ratio and maintatin those. There will be some exceptions for those that are close on one, but skewed higher on the other, and some cases where there is closeness on both side……very close. To CODBUNKER, KDR is not AS important as WINNING!!! We like to WIN as a TEAM, at all costs. But establishing just this very basic “bylaw” we will build a STRONG CLAN, and will “Democratically” select other “bylaws” rules, etc. AS A TEAM

Lastley, if you don’t wanna join the soon to be COOLEST/GREATEST CLAN in the Call of Duty world, you can join others or create your own. But you have to promise to have FUN :)

OH, and don’t laugh I’m a noob level 1 at moment on Xbox (Almost Prestige 3 on PS3) so it’s time I rank up on the Xbox :D


Call of Duty Black Ops Title Update 1.11

July 26, 2011 in Black Ops, NEWS, PC Call of Duty, PS3, Xbox

Just went live today for PS3 and has been out for others already. Listed below is what it entails for the major platforms, per Call of Duty Forums:
**NOTE** PC has a 1.12 Update also listed at bottom.

7/26/11 (Patch 1.11)
• Security updates.
• Support for Annihilation Map Pack (releasing July 28)
• Search and Destroy audio tweaks for planting and defusing.

(Title Update 11)
• Security Updates.
• Search and Destroy audio tweaks for planting and defusing.

(PC Patch 1.11)
• Corrected several issues related to Mod Tools file downloading
• Ninja Pro Perk no longer makes sounds when mantling or diving to prone
• Theater screenshots, films, clips and custom games now display player ratings
• Addressed pathing issues in Call of the Dead

PC Patch 1.12 (Goes live at 5p PST, Servers start rebooting at 4:00).
• Improved screenshot stability
• CTF: You can only score a capture when your flag is at your base, regardless of Touch Return setting.
• Player will no longer appear to be spinning when firing and guiding a Valkyrie rocket
• Addressed issues with watching films through combat record
• Addressed issue with hardcore game settings being erroneously reset in Combat Training menu
• Addressed various exploits
• Modders: increased some asset pool sizes
• Modders: added listassetpool command
• Addressed various exploits in MP and Zombies
• Audio tweaks for planting and defusing bombs.