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New Xbox update XGD3 could “Brick” some 360′s

May 18, 2011 in NEWS, Xbox

The bad news: According to reports, Xbox’s latest update coming (XGD3) could possibly “Brick” “a very small number of Xbox 360′s” and preventing them form playing “retail” discs

Xbox’s last security feature AP2.5 was hacked in a matter of days according to reports of a hacker “Commodore4eva”
So the latest update to attempt to defeat “piracy” is the XGD3 Disc Standard which also gives the Xbox 360 DVD’s 1GB more of “usable data”



Based on some peeps already having this issue and getting it resolved by having thier “Bricked” 360 replaced with a brand new 250G SLim. Plus reports are that they (Xbox) may sweeten the deal for thos affected by giving them a free 12 month XboxLive subscription.

The best recorse for any affected peeps with this issue (IMHO) is to contact @XboxSupport via twitter, and they will get you straight in no time flat………VERY GREAT SUPPORT there :)

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COD7 Black Ops Xbox Video Render Problem

April 30, 2011 in Black Ops, Xbox

Are you also having issues with trying to link your Black Ops Theater Mode to Youtube, mainly with the rendering part getting stuck at 0% percent? I connect my PS3 with no issues at all, right after getting COD7 Black Ops in November 2010. I haven’t had much playtime on Xbox so I never had any video to upload from there. With PSN down; however, I’ve got lots o playtime on Xbox 360 and so I decided to unlink PS3 and link Xbox, which I did fine on the Call of Duty website, very easily. The problem seems to be that when you render the video, it stays at 0% such as you’ll see in the video. (Crappy video, uploaded by my Droid phone, puter crashed and haven’t installed all necessary software yet for better vids) I did however come across a piece of important info that my help Treyarch and XboxSupport (BTW if you aren’t following @XboxSupport on Twitter, pause for a moment to smack yourself ;) ) when I backed out of render, then back out all together, for a brief second it shows somebody elses Gamer Tag. So I mainly am posting this in hopes that this will help in the troubleshooting efforts. Also, before peeps start the Xbox vs PS3 thing while posting REMEMBER: THIS IS IN BETA a.k.a. “Theater Mode BETA” Anybody else note anything that could help?

Note the GT show something like D4t…something…… NOT MY GT!

and here’s the crappy vid :(


COD7 Black Ops on SALE NOW!!! Cheap!

February 14, 2011 in Black Ops, PS3, Xbox

OMG! If you haven’t already purchased Call of Duty Black Ops………NOW IS THE TIME!
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