Add more Friends to MW3 using COD ELITE

November 28, 2011 in COD8, How to, MW3

Here is a quick, easy, down & dirty way to get around the “friends list” of 100 peeps. I constantly have to find peeps to delete, add, delete, add, etc… due to this limitation. Well Call of Duty Elite and MW3 has changed that. You can add up to 100 more peeps to invite, see what they are playing, or see if they are on using the CLAN in CODELITE. That is if you are in a CLAN. Also add even more by linking your Facebook friends. This is done via the beginning GUI of the game (Link Facebook) So now we can have not just a 100, but 100′s of friends. Check video below to see it. It’s real easy, just bring up your list (triangle for PS3, Y for Xbox) then arrow to the right. Once, peeps met, twice, Facebook pals, 3x then your CLAN :)


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