Call of Duty Lobby Muting

August 20, 2009 in General Discussion

I play Call of Duty World at War (COD5) tonight. Got into some Headquarters matches with scott666rocker. Every match we got into it seemed that there was at least 1 hateful person (sometimes more). When match starts we can of course hit the select button and highlight the “jerk” and hit X to mute. The only problem with this is before match and after match we are in the lobby, and once again you have to listen to these idiots. As this site grows I plan on posting a “Petition” of sorts that we can forward to Activision/Treyarch/PS3 network to ask them to enable this mute feature in the lobby. Even better since we are limited to on 50 on “Blocked List” maybe have a feature to permanently mute people. Just an idea, what say you?

(Hopefully this feature will show up in “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 “COD6″ )



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  1. I totally agree with this I hate listening to people in the lobby especially people blasting music. i think we should start that!

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