December 25, 2009 in General Discussion

Merry Christmas to all the Call of Duty players out there! I’ve noticed today there are a lot of Noobs (LOL) on today, looks like Santa brought the game you’ve been waiting for. We were all Noobs at one time. Modern Warfare 2 takes some getting used to, but it is wicked awesome (with exception of the friend invite method, which is extremely lame, and Infinity Ward should be slapped for that one) But anyways, Merry Christmas Noobs, and Veterans.

Let’s not forget, while we play our games, that the reason we have the ability to feel safe at home and play Call of Duty, and pretend to be a soldier……Is due to the fact that there are REAL SOLDIERS/SAILORS/AIRMEN out there RIGHT now protecting our freedoms and keeping us safe. They are out there even on Christmas Day in harms way doing this job and while we are content in our cozy homes playing let us remember them and thank them. My hat’s off to you, REAL military men and women. CODBUNKER thanks you for your great sacrifice, and we know that it is YOU that keeps us safe! Merry Christmas!



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