Contact info for Infinity Ward

November 11, 2009 in General Discussion, Modern Warfare 2

Infinity Ward
15821 Ventura Boulevard Suite 590
Encino, CA 91436

Here is the email i sent:
In case you haven’t heard…….
Millions of people are trying to play YOUR game (MW2) right now.
Do you suppose that maybe you can get it working, especially since it
has been released and millions have purchased it. One would have thought
that you may have tested it before, but that’s in the past. So can you maybe
just get it working now…………please.



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  2. STILL NOTHING…………………….

  3. Can you fix the spawning problem in MW3? Enemies are spawning right behind me and in front of me which is not fair to any of us. Thanks


    First off, no prestige tokens for us PC gamers? Lame. You definitely didn’t earn any brownie points there.

    MW3; I bought your new title right around Christmas last year, and to this day i have not been able to enjoy a single game. The campaign mode works just fine, but as soon as I’m in a multiplayer game, every 15 seconds or so the game hitches/freezes up, and then skips ahead a few seconds, as well as it freezing during each kill-cam. From what I have been reading on other forums, this problem in on YOUR end. I have a high speed internet connection, and more than enough power from my hardware to run your “game”.

    I don’t think its too much to ask to be able to enjoy mw3 the way it should run, seeing as how I have already paid the price…and I don’t feel I have received anything but a headache in return.

    Thanks for nothing,
    -One of many neglected PC gamers.

  5. mw3′s online services have FAILED on too many occasions. fix it or i punch an infant, newborn

  6. You got to be kidding me I’m playing 2v2 with my friend we go on a 68 win streak destroying everyone no hacks I’m 20th prestige in 17days & I GET BANNED where’s the evidence infinity ward no where my Psn is krod349 of ur going to rank me back up after a horrible mistake I’m nve playing again unless the problem is fixed

  7. You guys need to change the weapons on infected xbox360 please and.thank you

  8. i was 20th prestige level 80 and it lagged and i went to go play agian and i turned out to be level 1 no prestige

  9. You guys need to make at least one permanent server like teamdeathmatch and maintain it yall slacking. I know u guys too rich to give a shit but common on I paid good money for ur games and then u think u too good to keep give me good service. You probably wont read this either which I guess is my fault believing humans give a shit about anyone but themselves. Or at least keep the current servers up and running without hackers and cheaters running rampant until the new call of duty comes out. Last time I checked ghost aint out yet, so maintain the current game up to standards until ghost comes out its ur jobs anyways. If u got any good explai ations to why u do t maintain the server anymore before the new game comes out give me hit on my mail box cuz 60 $ is a lot in this economy right now. Have some pride in ur creations I do always. Whoa

  10. Bring cod to next gen for a digital version

  11. Why cant you play Grind in Public match ?

  12. infinityward could you plz fix the playstation devestation because i cant play it. It keeps turning the screen plaid

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