Do you get angry playing Call of Duty?

April 30, 2010 in General Discussion

We all get mad at times playing COD, but I guess that’s why it’s so addictive, tapping into our primal instincts LOL. Well I got a tweet bout this fellow’s (ELPRESADOR) video and his “commentary on his God-Like Beasting of playing COD”. It has strong language so if you are offended don’t play it, but I laughed so hard, because I know soooo many like this, that get soooo angry (I’ve even heard worse, and 14 year olds even) But I had to share this with the COD Community:

ELPRESADOR: Keep em coming, you are TRULY hilarious!!!!!!!


7 responses to Do you get angry playing Call of Duty?

  1. btw im 15 lolz…

  2. I’m not gonna mention any names, but WE no who they are LOL

  3. You can play cod without swearing.

  4. lmao i dont want to cuss on this site even though i swear like a sailor but that how i play hahaha

  5. i lol’d at this guy hahaha. Watch his other videos about Xbox 360 Sucks.. lmao

  6. hylaryous thats the funniest thing seen in a long time because it sounds likeme

  7. the funniest part ooh my goodness was from 0:35 -0:45

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