Do you play Call of Duty too Much?

January 24, 2011 in General Discussion

Well, here is a small test. If your living room has become your “gaming room” and looks something like the picture Socom-Steven sent me below, or you brought a complete system (HDTV and all) with you on business to the Hotel, Like I do (the second picture)……….Then you probably play COD too much!!!! ;-)




6 responses to Do you play Call of Duty too Much?

  1. btw thats not my living room its my bedroom lolz! =)

  2. Bears Suck!

  3. Wow, you have a nice setup Steven, I have to say, my bedroom looks similar to that, I have two PS3′s , a PC , a Laptop, a Gaming chair and A pair of video glasses!
    CoD is just so damn addicting :D

  4. BTW, TC, new update blocks the 15th 55 hack on BO , Treyarch are so damn paranoid :p

  5. Is that why they were in the NFC Championship game Koontz? I thought the best two teams in the NFC played in the NFC Championship, not the two “suckiest” But I suppose I could be wrong :P

  6. Gizmo,
    Do you blame them for the paranoia, look at MW2 now :P

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