Do you travel with Call of Duty?

July 6, 2010 in General Discussion

I am on business in Connecticut, so I thought…..How many peeps travel and take Call of Duty with them….Am I the ONLY person that addicted??? LOL. Here is a Pic of my setup at the Hilton, (So far their Wifi is acceptable). I fortunately brought my own 22 inch 1080p, they did not have a flat screen…..AT THE HILTON!?? You’ll also notice the brand new PS3 Slim I had to purchase near midnight (thank you Walmart for staying open 24hrs) because my fat boy 60 Gig stopped reading discs (I’ll give more on that later). Hilton’s wifi grade: B+ (could be faster), signal strength was great, and I had the following connected:
Laptop #1
Laptop #2

Here is pic:


7 responses to Do you travel with Call of Duty?

  1. no more mosh pit :(

  2. cod4gamer,
    …….sorta……..if you look under the “barbones” its kinda like that w/o the kill streaks though…..

  3. Nice setup man! How much inch is ur tv?

  4. -.-” i readed 2 fast.. 22inch. i never take my COD with me.. it’s not that easy with a 40” TV.

  5. Fano,

    Its a 1080p 22 inch Vizio, Great for travel!

    When traveling, always check your hotel ahead of time to see if they have flat screens or tubes! LOL

  6. Fano,

    LOL, I don’t suppose my 50″ or 42″ would work either, (almost took my 32″ but then bought the 22″) I was going to Groton/New London, Connecticut which is where Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun Casino is, so it was very easy to convince the Chief Financial Officer (Wife) that it would be a good investment to stay in hotel playing PS3 vs Giving the same amount of money (if not more) to the Casino’s……………I didn’t even have time to blink, when CFO said “Buy it!” LOL ;-)

  7. awsome setup bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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