HEROES by Contraband

January 6, 2011 in General Discussion

As you’ve seen before, CODBUNKER has made other posts in support of our troops (especially around the holidays). One of the many reasons is that Call of Duty is game centered around the “Military” and “War”, also I myself am a veteran. But I seen this tweet come across to check out this portion of a song “Heroes” from the band Contraband. I thought it was pretty damn good, so I wanted to share it with you :) (Also, CODBUNKER hopes he gets a copy of the whole song ;-) )

Here was the tweet:

@CharlieRAF tweets:
RT PLEASE!! This is a Music video made and sung by a guy i went to school with its for Hepl for heros all please (cont)….

And here is the song, ENJOY, and subscribe/like “contrabandtheband” on Youtube!

FROM CONTRABAND’s Youtube page:
“This is the first two minutes of the video that will accompany our soon-to-be-released debut single. All proceeds will be donated to forces support charities.”


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