Missing in Action

September 2, 2009 in General Discussion

Sorry folks,
I’ve been MIA for a while. My Beemer (250,000 miles) threw a rod through the block/oil pan, after getting caught in a flash flood. I’ve been car shopping. I found my replacement BMW: 2001 325XI

2001 325XI

While searching for that car though, I accidentally ran across a classic I just had to have (1973 Buick Riviera 455) and could not say no to once seller fired the 455 cubic inches up (rumble, rumble, rumble….)

1973 Buick Riviera

I’ll try to get back online soon; however, I am going on Vacation to the Buckeye the week of Labor Day (wife won’t let me take PS3) so I’ll be offline next week also. But I will still be posting on CODBUNKER.



3 responses to Missing in Action

  1. thunbs up on both cars…
    ill take the buick lol
    hope to see yea ’round
    enjoy the vacation


  2. should of had me fix it …lol

  3. NOW you tell me your a mechanic (Jaguar one at that) You can just fly out here to VA and fix it. I still have it. Or maybe I’ll ship it to Caly and you can fix it there, that’s where the engine I was thinking of getting for it is anyway. (They got some big BMW engine place over there)

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