Remember our Military this Christmas Season!

December 16, 2011 in General Discussion

Checking my Facebook this morning I noted two videos posted by some fellow veterans, former “Shipmates” of mine, Lou Tardona Jr. and Jerry Powell. I wanted to share them with you, to help us remember our Military that “stands to wall” and “keeps watch” during this Christmas season (as well as 24/7/365) giving us the security and freedoms to enjoy our time off to play a game (Call of Duty) that they live in real life. So when you open your presents this Christmas and find that “Santa” has brought you an Xbox or PS3 along with “Modern Warfare 3″ pause for a moment and reflect while you play this fantasy of being a soldier that REAL ones are out there giving you the ability to enjoy this game with “no worries” because they are currently “Standing Guard” for us. Thank you to all current serving Military and Veterans, Peace be with you, and YOU will be thought of this Christmas Season :)

“Soldiers Silent Night”


*Note on the Video “Letters from Home” you may also want to check out where this comes from, it’s a Documentary with Gary Sinise (LT. Dan of Forest Gump”) proceeds go to help Gary support our Troops. Check it out. LT. Dan Band The Movie!.


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