Winner of Free MW2 Contest

October 24, 2009 in General Discussion

And the winner is????????????


Can you believe it! I guess it was too hard. If just one person would have participated, they would’ve received a free game worth over $60.00. But NOBODY did. WOW. If you have feedback on why this was soooooo difficult, please advise CODBUNKER so we can make contests in the future…..EASIER??? Really, I would like to give away free stuff. This site has yet to earn a dime, it is only supported by adds you see to the left. Which currently has come nowhere close to bringing in what is going out. That being said, I still want to give things away and hopefully someday this will make some dough to enable giving something away weekly, if not at least monthly. No other site out there with this format does that. Why not have one with info and a place to comment your ideas but also has free stuff! I will come up with a NEW contest soon based on comments received.



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  1. I think you should give this another shot! Let me know if you do

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