COD7 Black Ops Care Package Glitch

November 10, 2010 in Black Ops, Glitch

OMG! Say it isn’t so!!! But it is so!!! Not even 24 hours into release and the Care Package Glitch has been discovered. Treyarch…….TSK TSK TSK……Word on the street is this will be fix very soon, and hopefully it won’t take 3 attempts to do so as it did in MW2. Why am I posting this you ask? Well it is already becoming rampant and I feel ATVI and Treyarch will fix it soon so you wiener CP glitchy’s……have your fun, but watch your back cuz I will be Jack’n you CP and it won’t last long! Video below, tks goes to BriSi

***UPDATE*** original video removed by Activision, here is another………I’m sure it will be removed soon; however, instructions below the video this time :D

How to do the Unlimited Care Package Glitch in COD7 Black Ops

~ Throw care package

~ Throw your stun/flashbang/equipment RIGHT after care package

~ You should get care package and have another one available


3 responses to COD7 Black Ops Care Package Glitch

  1. Went into a private match to test it out, but couldn’t get it working. I never use glitches in real games, but I wanted to see how it worked. No prevail. =oC

  2. @Casey same problem here.

  3. Video isn’t working anymore Activision removed it again lol.

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