COD7 Black Ops Computer root Directory

November 12, 2010 in Black Ops, Glitch

At the root directory it will look like this:
bin/ home/

bin is where the “binaries” (executables) are and home is where each “users” directories are stored.

Here is the “tree”

alicia cat cd clear
cls decode dir doa
encode foobar hello help
login ls mail more
print rlogin type who

These are command that you can execute.
Type in alicia and hit enter (this “therapist” will piss you off :) )


amason/ asmith/ bharris/ dking/
fwoods/ gweaver/ hkissinger/ jbowman/
jehoover jfkennedy/ jhudson/ jmccone/
jturner/ lbjohnson/ rhelms/ rjackson/
rkain/ rnixon/ sagnew/ tbrooks/
twalker/ vbush wraborn/

These directories are the users personal files, from the start you land in amason/

Here is its “tree”

BattleBerlin.txt Dad-Lettter1.txt Dad-Letter2.txt Dad-letter3.txt
GK-NovaMemo.txt Nackers1.txt NoteX.txt NoteX2.txt
Ozy.txt Sis-Letter1.txt TA1.txt anvil.snd
barhavana.pic cage.pic hardtarget.pic khesanh3.pic
khesanh4.pic melville.snd mnk1.pic mnk2.pic
reznov.snd tet1.pic thewolf.pic vorkuta1.pic
vorkuta2.pic wolfinchains.pic

if you type “cat anvil.snd” it will play you a song
if you type “cat tet1.pic” it will show you a picture
You can play with the songs and pics but I will post the .txt files for you in the upcoming posts…….


2 responses to COD7 Black Ops Computer root Directory

  1. Also type in

    “3arc unlock” – this will unlock the zombie map pack “Five” without completing the Campaign mode

  2. Also try “3arc intel”

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