How to work Computer by Chair in Black Ops

November 12, 2010 in Black Ops, Glitch

In a previous post we learned how to break out of the the Chair that we were strapped to in the main menu of COD7 Black Ops to enable the “Dead Arcade” by typing in doa into the terminal (computer). I decided to take another look at this just to see if I could poke in some UNIX or DOS commands and Viola…… and dir both worked. So after seeing the directory structure I decided to use the “type” command to view a text file….AND IT WORKED. Of course this is when I figured out the “help” command which told me to use “cat” on the file names and in doing so, the .snd files will play you some kewl songs, the .pic files will show you …….of course pictures. So I decided to spend a couple of hours (so you don’t have to ;-) ) to compile all of this stuff for you. All I have done so far is “compile” the info and have not had a chance to really even “read” it or use any of the info (it may be totally useless) but anyway, I did most of the work (I think) so you all can look through my compilation and even print or just log onto the terminal and play with it yourself; however, if you find anything helpful in there, please post a comment here so we can share it with others………

From the chair look down and alternate between R1 and R2 until you break free, then walk behind you and use the computer. If you just type ls or dir from here you will be in the /home directory.
You can from here just type cd / and then you will end up at the “root” directory……….LOTS more post to come!!!


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  1. 3arc unlock

    unlocks “Five” (Zombies map set in the pentagon)

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